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Using proper terminology matters when looking for parts for a project. Gutters are what run along the roofline to collect water, that is a downspout that conveys the water from gutter to ground level.

You can easily increase the space below the downspout to allow redirecting the outflow by cutting off a section of the downspout. Detach the strap holding the downspout to the house so you can cut the downspout, reattach when you have installed the parts to redirect the water flow.

What you are looking for will start with a fitting that will be called a downspout adapter, extension, or diverter depending on your choice of method. If you can do it, I would use an adapter to feed the downspout into 3" thinwall PVC pipe which I would bury and run to a location downslope at which it could "daylight" and flow downhill. But if the flow would adversely impact a neighbor, this would not be a good solution.

If you cannot do that, either due to a lack of slope, pavement you do not want to disturb with digging, or the like, and assuming that the large white PVC pipe into which the two smaller white PVC pipes feed can handle the flow from rain coming down the downspout, your best solution would be to do a little excavating to expose the large diameter PVC pipe, cut it below ground level, and install a wye fitting to give you a second method of feeding that drain pipe. Just trying to direct the water flow around the two smaller pipes would lead to a mess. Below is a photo of such a wye. Attach a 45 degree elbow to provide the second vertical inlet. You can find elbows in a variety of bends to give you the ability to do gentle or hard turns as needed to go around obstructions such as the corner trim board and around corners to get from the end of the downspout to your drain connection.
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When shopping for PVC pipe and fittings, be aware of the difference between thinwall and schedule 40 and do not mix them unless you are prepared to use adapters to cross connect. Because that drain will not be pressurized the less expensive thinwall will work for you. And remember the PVC cement so your fittings do not leak.
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