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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maple city, Jul 16, 2003.

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    We have been getting a lot of requests to install gutter guards lately. I'm not talking about the rolled stuff. We've been using Sheerflow gutter filter gutter guards. You can get them at Menards. They are 2' long and have the filter fabric on them.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else in installing these and what are you charging? It caught us off-guard the first time we were asked to do them. The homeowner had bought them himself but couldn't install them. It snowballed from that one guy, and now everybody and their brother wants them. One customer saw a scrap on one in the bed of our truck and asked us to do them for him.

    If I am charging $100.00 for a gutter cleaning, and the customer wants these installed at the same time as the cleaning, how much extra do I add for the installation of the guards ?It is understood customer pays 100% for supplies)

    If the customer just wants installation of the guards, and the gutters don't need cleaned, I'm thinking installation should run the same price as a cleaning.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I ran into this last year. Seamed like everyone wanted them installed. They sell 4' sections of the gutter guards for @ $2.00 a piece at Home Depot, or Lowe's I think has them as well. I charge $1.30 per foot installed with a 25' min. It works out to @ $5.20 per 4' section. This is for a normal easy slope roof that I can get up on and just keep moving.
    If the roof is pitched too steep, and have to move a ladder every 4' the price is adjusted accordingly.
    One thing you'll also want to consider is if the pitch of the roof is very severe, IE: 10-12 or 12-12 the gutter guards will have no effect, and should not be installed.
    With a roof pitched that much, the force of the water is coming down so fast, that it just runs right over the top of the guards and acts like a big waterfall making a mess down below. Hope this helps.
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    your cost ,your time, your skill,
    whats all that worth, what ever the market will stand... u get to decide on this one...not being a smart aleck[well mabe a little]:) ... if u quit getting the work,, and u want it ... u charging too much... free enterprize.

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