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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yankeesdood16, May 22, 2006.

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    Theres this old guy down the street from me, his front yard is just below a slope that his neighbor one house up has. Whenever its raining the water goes down the slope and sits in his front. He has guys with walk behind big commercial mowers do his yard and they make a mess of it. I noticed they did it earlier and now there are big muddy tire marks in his front yard. Should I see if he wants me to do it for him with a regular 21" mower that will make less of a mess? His yard is nice and thick and those guys always make a mess of it. I go by it everyday and it looks bad. Last year they did the muddy parts of his front with the string trimmer, now they use the mowers and make a mess of it. In a couple weeks I'll start doing the yard one house up from him and should I see if he if he wants me to do his. What do you guys think?
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    I'd live and let live. Just me though.
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    Since you asked....If you did that to one of MY accounts, you'd better be careful not to leave your gas cap loose on your mower. Seriously, just give the guy your info and let him know if he is not happy, give you a call. I wouldn't step on anyones toes.......dont **** in your own back yard if ya know what I mean.....:usflag: :canadaflag:
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    The guys do another yard between his house and mine so I would be very carefull. I might talk to him one day this week. Its just that he gets chemlawn and all the money goes down the tube when those guys ruin the front yard. The part of the front that they ruin is nice, thick and lush when it isnt ruined. Last summer when it was dry that area was really nice because it wasnt getting digged up from there mowers, it gets shade so it doesnt burn up when its dry. The guy that lives there is on an oxygen tank, he still drives.
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    So not only do you openly admit to being an illegal unlicensed, uninsured intentional lowballer, but now you are targeting and trying to steal other LEGIT LCO's clients..........damn...........:dizzy: surely you aren't for real and this and all the rest of your post are just a joke.
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    All I'm trying to do is get more yards to do. I'm not intentionally lowballing, I'm doing it for a reason to underprice other people to get yards. If I charge the same as someone else would to do a yard I wont get that many yards, its kinda called using my head. I believe this plan I'm using will work. You just have to be mean to everyone. Next year I will get my license and get legit or whatever you want to call it. I am a VERY hard worker and the people of the yards that I do are VERY happy with the work I do. I know a lot about mowing and like mowing and I believe that I will have a good business going in a year or two. Tomorrow I am going to put flyers in doors in my neighborhood tomorrow. The thing about the guy down the street was just a thought but I will forget about it. Also I am going to save up my money and get a bigger commercial walk behind mower in the next 2 or 3 years, probably a 32 or 36".
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    Some of you guys on here truely aren't that nice sometimes. This site is for helping other people out and giving advise, not puting people down.
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  10. yankeesdood16

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    To get other lawns to do. Most people around here charge between $30 and $50 so I'm charging a little less to get lawns to mow. Right now I'm just trying to get a business going. Will raise prices later.

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