Guy goes off on me about flyer

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DynaMow, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. DynaMow

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    today this guy is waiting for me to deliver flyer (getting mail and sees me coming) and goes off on me about idiots like me trash his neighborhood with this sh*t. Gives me crap for five minutes. Then I got out of my car I think he pooped his pants. I got out, sees I am bigger then him and not very happy. Ripped my flyer out of his hands, show him that I am just trying to support my family. He sees I am bigger then him, not very happy with him, and sees that I am willing to put him down.
    I love seeing a grown man, try to bully somebody, then put their tail between their legs and run back inside. Flips me off when he gets 2 steps from garage.
    This is the best, at one point he says if he finds my flyer on ground in morning he was going to call me. Then asks if this is a good number on flyer? I laugh and reply, "No you dumbass I pass out flyers to get business but do not put my real number on it". Call me in the morning.
    I was cracking up right in this guys face, in his own driveway of his $350,000 house and he still didn't figure out that he was the idiot.
  2. grass disaster

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    i'm not a big fan of people coming to my house and selling me services(bothering me). if i wanted them i'm sure i could just look in the paper and find someone.
  3. olderthandirt

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    Guess who had the last laugh :hammerhead: the lawn boy or the guy that went back inside his 350K house? And if the guy wants he can get your AZZ in all kinds of trouble. Yes it was INSIDE my mail box. Yes he did litter my property. OH and he DID threaten me on my own property. :dizzy: :dizzy:
  4. DynaMow

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    I was at his paperbox, at the road, in my car. I do not go and bother people at their house. I do distribute flyers to paper boxes, and will continue, because it is my best way of attracting new business.
  5. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
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    that may be so.

    i didn't think you could put stuff in there but it may be something that is reserved just for junk.

    i could see his reasoning for being upset is if it was littering the ground and flying all over the place.
  6. Lawnaholic

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    Craig, I don't see where any harm was done. To me it just seems like you were trying to get new business/customers. Around here we have flyer distribution companies that pass out thousands upon thousands at a time, and that's door to door. Some people are just jack asses and it seems like you ran into one this go around.
  7. mtdman

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    Honestly, you're better off just leaving and not confronting the guy. Number 1, the guy is never going to be convinced he's wrong. And I'm not sure I disagree with him, I hate getting those dumb fliers on my door as well. Number 2, arguing with him is only going to prove him right in his eyes. Instead of telling him he's a dumbass, just apologize and move on. If anything, it might impress him more that you wanted to respect his wishes and maybe change his mind in the future. But arguing with him and getting into a yelling match won't, not to mention any neighbors that might see the confrontation as well.

    Back when I used to flier, every once in a while I'd get a complaint phone call. People who take the time to call you aren't exactly reasonable people to begin with. Just write them off and keep going. It's better for your state of mind in the long run anyway.
  8. DynaMow

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    In my area this is a natural practice to use paperboxes, it works well

    they are not on the ground, or flying. they are cardstock and I put the in longways so they curl side to side. Doesn't make much sense for me to litter a neighborhood I am trying to gain respect in and earn business. Or waste my time to design, print, distribute flyers to the ground. I see others on the ground and years ago I had a problem with flying out, but changed style.

    I am not doing anything wrong, illegal, or dishonest. If its illegal, I would love to see that regulation in print.
  9. Roger

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    I agree with mtdman ... Guess who will be the talk of the next block party on his street? How many of his neighbors and friends will he tell this story? You may feel good about being the bully, being bigger than he, but what was the gain in being hostile toward him? Can you expect to get ANY customers from this man's neighbors?

    There are so many threads on LS that speak about "being professional," "we are professionals," "... we don't get the respect we deserve," "... we work hard and should get paid ...." and the like. The behavior at the end of this man's driveway give the residents in his neighborhood every reason to form negative opinions about LCOs, responses we hear often on LS.
  10. John Gamba

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    So True :hammerhead:

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