Guy wants golf course lawn by August 1

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. dlandscaping

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    On August 1st he is having a lot of people over. We did a spring cleanup, and 6 yard mulch job for him so far. His front lawn is thin now from sod web worms, but merit solved that. What should I do, put down to fill in the front yard. He told me the water is off, the house is being redone, so I have to be careful not to burn the lawn. The front yard is in direct sun 90% of the day and the back is pretty shady. He is one of these people who is like, if you think something needs to be done, just do it and bill me, and I do not want to lose him.
  2. HayBay

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    Id have to say its too hot for seeding now. (in my area). Maybe by August 1 2005 you could work that out for him.

    If you had access to water and could keep the ground moist for at least 2-3 weeks you may be able to make the deadline with seed.

    If you applied chemicals to the lawn you might have to wait a few weeks to reseed.

    my opinion.
  3. Palmer Lawn Care

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    You need to do something about the water, its going to be pretty hard to get the lawn not to burn if its in sunlight 90% of the day.
  4. mbricker

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    If he absolutely can't get water turned on for on his property, is there a nearby heighbor who will work out an arrangement to sell you and your client water from his tap?
  5. dlandscaping

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    I think I could get the neighbor to give us some water. The neighbor approached us about taking out a stump that was an eyesoar, it was left there from a different company. We did and so now he should let us use his water.
  6. Runner

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    If he doesn't have irrigtion, there is no help for it.
  7. viking72

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    Kill the old (round up + 2-4d) then wait a week.
    Arerate and make a seed bed (landscape rake).
    seed heavy with annual rye and apply light mulch of straw.
    Water 1 to 2 inches a week with bought water from next door.
    Overseed with quality grass in fall.
  8. sharpcutter

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    Why just annual rye?? What about next year?? Should be using a blended seed mix.
  9. Garden Panzer

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  10. jajwrigh

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    May I suggest a tribal rain dance of some sort?

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