Guy won't pay me!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pattytastik, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. pattytastik

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    So I mowed this guys lawn a few times and he owes me $72.00. It has been months since I have started sending him letters (some threatening to use a collecting agency). I have had no success. I am 16 years old so there is not much i can do in terms of knocking on his door and demanding to get paid (the guy is around 6'4 and 300 pounds lol)

    Are there any collecting agency's or something that would help me out even though it is such a small amount of money?

    I know that to most of you 72$ is pocket money, however to me it is decent money.

  2. supercuts

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    get used to it, also get used to confronting him and others. id pound on his door until he answered. if he threatens you remind him asaulting a minor is a felony. if he doesnt pay im sure you could get creative with "appropriate action". ive found approaching them in person shows your not scared and are not going to back down. they typically pay right away....bottom line, grow a set and dont back down.
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  4. razor1

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    Gotta agree, be persistent, make him change his number. (if you have to)
  5. jiggz

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    you can always get creative with some glysophate
  6. Agreen-go

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    72 dollars is not pocket money to anybody, it's money owed to you for services rendered.
    If your parents are willing to go with you have them go before you start legal proceedures, if that doesn't work then see what small claims or a collection agency will do for you.
  7. JDiepstra

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    Go visit him at work.
  8. rodzilla94

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    he!!yes..... this is the best quote of the day:clapping:
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    nothing a few bricks cant fix
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    Go knock on his door, tell him you want your money and if he dont answer well knock again. Do you have any proof that he owes you any money? But yeah, just keep bugging the piss out of him and he might end up paying you. But 72 dollars proab wont be worth it in the long run. Might just have to eat it and not deal with him again. Good luck.

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