Guys and their *pop-ups*

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Thank You. Point Made.

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    HUH! I know it's cold out, but HELL is freezing over! OK I stand corrected. vvvv
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    Good hearin from you Zedo! And that's what we need to hear, as what you described is my whole issue with pop ups. This topic now has 8 pages to it, but I think somewhere I try to express what you described as my concerns.

    I go to great strides to provide our client's with top notch service, I take what we do very seriously and nothing less.

    Top notch service goes beyond making pretty paver cuts.

    It goes beyond overlapping the geo-textile fabric.

    Top notch service goes beyond answering the phone everytime your client calls you.

    Top notch service also derives from a contractors KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE. AND WISDOM.

    Like you said Zedo, pop ups are great....until the ground is frozen. Or until there is something frozen over them! Kinda like stamped concrete, I have seen some really nice stamped concrete pavements. Oh yeah baby, stamped concrete is real nice....until the ground freezes and the concrete cracks.

    Pop ups are used in my area, but they're not real abundent. When they are used they're usually installed by contractors of lessor quality and / or competency.

    I can't tell you how many yards I have stood in where I was called after the fact. You know, people had a patio done by someone else 4 years ago and now they want to add on to it or they want other work done and the guy that originally did work for them is no longer in business. So we stand there chatting and during the course of conversation the home owner will start talking about standing water or other issues deriving from the pop up that was installed. I look around the yard and BINGO! The problem is almost always that blasted pop up!

    In our neck of the woods, you can usually avoid using a pop up emitter by grading, a dry well, or trenching a pipe and daylighting.

    I think last year I priced one job that would have needed a pop up emitter. Luckily, for my own sanity - we didn't get it!

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    FYI - real world example. I live in lambertville MI. I had a patio installed with a pop-up drain and also had my gutter's linked into it. Last winter I started getting leaking in my back room ceiling. This summer I had a roof guy do a bunch of work (install a sealant increase the flashing, etc). This winter same leaking/dripping in the back room ceiling. I have finally figured out (by all the icicles off my gutter) that my gutters have frozen up and the water off the roof is backing up beyond the flashing. The pop-up was covered in snow and frozen shut.

    I came across this site while searching for a solution to this problem. I don't know if they put in gravel under the popup - that will be the first thing I check in the spring.
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    Pop-up drainage emitters are crap and anyone who installs them is a hack. Drains always need to be day-lighted and I don't consider a drain doing it's job if there is still water sitting in the pipe. Sadly, there are often times hard scape areas like driveways and patios that would have to be removed to install this pipe so it can be a annoying situation. Pop-up drain emitter harbor mosquito, bacteria and algae. They take the flooding of one area and move it to another place. They almost never pop-up and do their job because the build up calcium or algae. They just are hackish all around.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Qwerty, you can check for gravel all you want. And there can be gravel. But the gravel won't make that pop up .....pop up!

    Frozen is frozen,

    Best thing you can do is get rid of the pop ups.

    From what I understand, the pop ups are supposed to have a small hole to drain water into the ground if the top doesnt pop. Well if you have 2 or more 3" down spouts running into one line.....that would have to be a darn big hole to allow water from 2x3" down spouts to escape!

    If you need to get your roof water away from the dwelling and patio, install a dry well.

    This spring will mark 15 yrs for me doing hardscapes. And thusfar, we don't have ONE pop up under our belt......

  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    Welp, now that much of the country is in a deep freeze it's that time again!
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    Been in a deep freeze for 60 days now! Today rain, I bet the water is spilling out a few downspouts today!!!
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  9. Armsden&Son

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    You are honestly Fu#$ing awesome DVS!!!!!! I started my company last year but I had worked for over 15 years for a landscaping/lawn care company right outside of Boston. The company had a hardscape division that I was lucky enough to work on here and there but I was a foreman for lawns otherwise...

    Anyway, my shingle has only been out for one season and I already did 2 patios and a walkway... I didn't even advertise or set up for hardscapes, just got asked by clients so I did them... Just wanted to say thanks not only for the valuable information that you have posted here on L.S (yes, I consulted your posts many times over the last season) but also for the utterly entertaining way in which you present it. Case in point, this thread that I just read that has been going for what, 5 years now? Just wanted to say thanks and please do not stop posting...
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    Thanks man I appreciate it!

    I'll sit down at a prospective client's kitchen table to do a presentation and you know what? I entertain them as well, and that ain't no lie :)

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