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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justmjc, Mar 25, 2004.

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    I have the opportunity to purchase a $60,000 year business, not $85,000 like the guy claims. I verified the numbers and I think I may buy into it.

    However, the situation is that he claims him and another guy tally up 43 hours between the two of them to service these accounts. Both were experienced in the field. BUT, they were using 52" walkbehinds without velkes that were from like 1985. He has a good amount of larger size lawns as well.

    So, my question to you is this. How much time might I add to this 43 hours if I took over this business? I have a brand new 52" lazer Z and I swear I'm a master with all my equipment. I have to do something quick. I'll by a flex deck to add on as well to cut time if I have to. But the simple fact that my GM job is shipping over to India is another reason I need to think about doing this FULL time. Also, I have part time help readily available. Do you think this can be done with 1 man? And if so, what should my time increase by?

    I think I can match them or add about 5-10 mins each to their times because the lack of manpower in the trimming/edging department. But my mower would blow them away in the cutting. Suggestions and ideas please, this is urgent. Thanks

    How much productivity with that extra man?
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    YES, the first thing I noticed while reading this thred is they were using walkbehinds, you are using a lazer z and I would guess if they were at the same yard, same time there would be no added time .
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    1 man, as in myself alone.
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    How much is the cash outlay for the buisness? What are the accounts like? Any commercial? If you do buy it, why not hire some help, maybe part time? How many other accounts do you haved now? How much time do they take you now?
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    Last year I added a Lazer. I'm solo too and though I really didn't time myself, I think I picked up maybe 20% overall on my accounts. If the money is right, it might be good for you, but search the posts on buying an existing business. Good luck.
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    Sorry guys, maybe I'm not explaining this correctly. I'm asking how you would think 1 very experienced person with a ztr would compare to 2 experienced people that utilize walk behinds without velkes.

    But, no worries, I checked over his time on the job and end of job record sheets, and compaired them to the times I'm pulling from my accounts. Solo, I can service lots in my area in about 22 mins flat, edging, mowing, etc. Looking at their sheets, both of them combined were knocking down 20-25 mins times on similiar accounts. I think were in the same time frame and I should blow their times away on larger accounts.
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    With 60 plus accounts, its easy to make $60,000 a year. I dont think you can cut quite as quick as the 52's they were using, but you could add a few bucks to make it worth while...

    Now, with the work you have now, can ya handle an extra 50 hours? Ya gonna have to hire more help? Workmans comp is expensive.

    You can get as big as you want.....Remember....Getting bigger means more responsibilities, an absolute necessity to handle scheduling, crews, an payroll.

    Thats what your fixing to turn your operation into...
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    You should be able to match their time. I have a new lazer also, and it saves me tons of time.
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