Guys in FLORIDA mulching St. Aug-Enter please

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Do you have the hydrocut? I just bought a 32" and bought the kit too....
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  2. Johnagain

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    I don't have a Hydrocut. I purchased a 48" old belt drive in Georgia from a guy on here for a backup mower.
  3. Oh ok maybe the hydrocut doesn't have that problem then.
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  4. Just a little update. I put all the spacers below the blades so they are as high up as they will go and that did help a lot. I've been cutting some tall St Aug the past couple weeks with only a little bit of blowout and little windrowing. I have been running the plate with gators. I think I'm going to run this setup spring-end of summer and the full kit in the winter for leaves.
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  5. Day off?

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    I know this post is old... Better late than never. Are you mowing without the mulching kit but the discharge chute is covered? If so, I would not recommend doing that. All of the grass gets thrown to the right side of the deck, then stops. Your right blade and spindle will get over worked. If your chute is not open, then each blade needs to be enclosed.
  6. easy-lift guy

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    I use and have used a Vulture Mulcher kit for my mower, problems completely solved.
    easy-lift guy
  7. Patriot Services

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    We've been working on Diamonds problem for a while now. We,both have the same setup. Gators can't be run with a full kit without creating too much blowout and actually flattening the grass down. Gators reduce clippings to almost powder so there is no build up under the deck.
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  8. unkownfl

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    When I had my Fixed deck it had spacers, but the RH I have now doesn't have any spacers and it's the same spindles. Diamond, how did the baffle and mulch kit fit? Is it something that could bolt straight on and not have to force into place every time to get the bolts to line up? I'm getting a lot of wind rows now with just the plate but having the kit sucks when you don't need it or crossing concrete a lot dropping a load every time.
  9. The kit doesn't perfectly fit you have to finagle it. That is the problem with the full kit-blowout in thick St Augustine. I am going to run the plate with gators in summer and kit with med lift in winter. I agree that the wright mowers leave stragglers. They really need to re-design the smaller decks. Other than that it's a great mower.
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  10. Another update. Been running the plate with the stock wright blades and it has been working well. I think better than gators. I just can't run the full kit in summer, to much blowout and it's a messy blowout, different than the plate only. I do think the kit does better with leaves so around octoberish, the full kit will go back on. I do like having both though.
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