Guys that do high-end residential..need your advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. When I started my business 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to strictly do high-end residential. I have done good these past 2 years, but I want to keep on the path to my goal.

    When I say high-end, I am talking accounts that range from 1-3k/month. Super high-end.

    My question is how do I get my first customer?? I know door hangers and flyers aren't happening, so can you guys give me some advice?

    The first thing I am doing is changing my business name from Diamond Landscaping to Chris Diamond Gardening and Horticulture b/c Gardening is exclusive and prestigious and gives the customer I am after the sense of high-end.
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    Good luck with those numbers (sincerely). Most of my "super high-end" clients are in the $350-$450 range. That's everything: mowing, edging, clipping collection, trimming hedges, ornamental & lawn chemicals (8 rounds plus 3 disease control), mulch biannually, and annual color biannually. They pay 12 months per year.
  3. i have a $350/mo and a $450/mo full maintenance, NO chemicals except roundup, mulch extra.

    We have that caliber of accounts around here and that's the market I want to serve.
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    My high end clients (only have 2) are like 300$ a month.

    best of luck getting 1-3k a month!
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    you should take some classes on hedge sculpting into like animals and other things people enjoy.
    Probably make some good money doing that.
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    where in south FL are you from Diamond? Im in Davie. I have 5 accounts from 200-275 a month full maint. grass, hedges,date palms,weed control ect... but none I would consider real high end, more like lower high end 2-4 million dollar homes
  7. on palm beach island everyone has ficus in some stupid shape.
  8. im in jupiter.

    2-4M is a nice home, but it must be a small property with St. Aug and low landscape. The homes on palm beach, jupiter island, lost tree have specialty grasses, tons of landscaping,etc.
  9. fobaum

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    Yeah very small lawns, some topiaries but they only take me alone about an hour
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    Their out there, I have several around 1-K, and 5 over 2-K when you get up to 3-k I don't care how much money they have they all have a problem with paying 3 -k for a monthly service you have to figure out how to do it for less. Check your PM.

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