Guys that run more then one truck or one crew besides yourself

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SunState Lawn Care inc, Jun 16, 2009.

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    What type of insurance do you carry to cover you if an employee wrecks your truck and destroyes all your tools or do you?

    My son is leaving the buisness so I will have to let others drive the truck and equipment around but just don't trust everyone with my equipment. I know I have to learn to trust folks more but want to get some kind of insurance that isn't to expensive to cover everything in case.

    How many of you guys run a truck with two employess and don't work on the truck yourselves is it profitable?

    I use to run 2 trucks (had a good friend run one rig) but didn't find it to be worth it over the one truck with me watching over it after the guys tore up stuff and wouldn't show up sometimes and got us behind and so on......but now I am getting older and want to slack off working as hard some and need to get more work and more workers. Just wondering if it's worth it two have 2 guys working the truck without you there every minute of everyday.
  2. vincent1

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    I carrry commercial insurance on my vehicles. Call your auto agent and tell him what your doing. He should be able to answer any questions.

    Don't expect your guys to get the same amount of work done as if you were there with them. Just accept it. I have been asking myself that same question
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    Call your insurance agent and be preparred for "premium shock". One pitfall that many solo's fall into is they don't read their own policies that say they cannot use their vehicle for comemrcial purposes. I've seen several guys get into wrecks and while the insurance company paid for the damage to the other vehicle they paid not a dime for theirs even though they had full coverage.

    Also professional tools and equipment usually have a 200 dollar "limit" on regular auto policies so get in a wreck and tear up a ZTR.... too bad.

    When you lie on a insurance application you're committing "fraud by deception" and the insuror has no obligation to pay anything except to refund your premium for that policy period.

    In this state it's also a felony though rarely enforced. The insuror just refuses to pay and drops you while reporting you to the casualty database... the next company you try to get insurance from is going to know all about you.
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    Are you really "inc"? If so, doesn't your business own the trucks?

    I'm not really sure what your setup is but you need to be incorporated or an LLC with a commercial auto or business auto policy on the trucks. If you own the trucks, being incorporated or an LLC means nothing. If they wreck your trucks and cause great harm, it's your butt that will be in the sling. :nono:
  5. kaferhaus

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    there ya go. perfect response and absolutely true.
  6. vincent1

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    Are sure if it matters if an individual owns the truck and not the corporation.
    As long as you have a commercial policy and the auto insurance company knows its for commercial use and know all the drivers I would think you would be ok
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    Commercial policy, with all employees added to the policy. No, its not cheap, but shop around if its truely insane.
  8. kaferhaus

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    You are correct but miss the point he tried to make. The insurance only covers you up to the policy limits... say you have a commercial policy with 1M liability, your employee runs a red light and kills some people. you get sued and end up with a 5M judgement. The insurance co pays out the 1M and the victims attorney then has your home and all of your other assets siezed to pay off the judgement.

    A corp or LLC ownership of those vehicles would limit the plantiff's ability to come after your personal assets.
  9. vincent1

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    Ok now I see the light. You are exactly correct
  10. dishboy

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    Make sure your commercial policy spells out that utility trailer and equipment also or it is not covered.

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