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    Recently, they've begun using gas up here in the boston, ma area that may contain up to 10 percent ethanol. I know some parts of the country have been using this for a while.

    Monday I went and mixed up a 2 gal can of mix. We always use 89 octane fuel, as recommended by just about every manufacturer. This particular mix was for Echo products, 50:1.

    So wednesday, I sold a backpack blower, went to fill it to prep it for the customer and it came out clear. My first though was god damn it, the guys in the shop must have used the rest and filled it with no oil. So i look down in the tank and there's a big black blob??? I shake the hell out of it and start to pour again and now it's normal.

    From Monday morning, till Wednesday afternoon, the oil seperated completely from the gas!!!!! This is insane!!!

    I can only imagine the ruined 2 stroke stuff that is going to come in because of this. I went and checked the other can for non echo and it was the same thing!!!

    I would recommend not mixing more than 2-2.5 gallons at a time and make sure the guys shake the cans. I'd hate to see guys wrecking equipment when they don't even know why. It's like being hit by a sniper!

    Also, we've seen more water in the fuel engine breakdowns lately. They claim this new blend of fuel will actually suck the moisture right out of the air.


    Just a heads up.:drinkup:
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    My shop has also seen quite a bit more water in the fuel caused problems. I have not run into the oil seperation thing though and the 10% ethanol has been in our fuel since mid-spring.

    The ethanol is causing a lot of people to have trouble with oxogen sensors on there cars. Hyndais seem to be the hardest hit thus far around me!
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  4. Brendan Smith

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    i shake my can every time anyway
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    Great. This is wonderful. I noticed the other day when I was filling up my truck, I think could actually smell the alcohol in those fumes.

    I was wondering how this would effect small engines.

    I remember the Stihl guys were at my local dealer's annual barbecue two years ago and I was talking with them. They said they tested a machine by running no-mix gasoline through it. I can't remember how many tanks of gas the engine went through before it finally seized, but it was several. I guess there is still a lot of lubricant that remains in the engine & carb.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    In Minnesota here there is a dumbass law that says all fuel must have atleast 20% ethanol, this way it keeps all the tree huggers happy. :rolleyes:
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    i've been getting a check engine light sometimes.

    took it to the mechanic, the computer said random misfire.

    i think it is the gas from where i have been filling up. i gas up at a different place now. the problem has seemed to go away
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    My cans get shaken as I drive.

    Good point to watch out for though for those homeowners who's cans stay in a garage or something.
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    So the more ethanol in the gas the worse? I know in minnesota its 20% like stated above. Now im worried becuse in addition to all of the 2-stroke mowing equipment I put oil in I have some nice scooters and stuff that take it. Is there anyway to keep it from seperating? Becuse I can honestly say I have never seen this problem, But at the same time my gas cans are not clear. Im worried . . . Think I should take apart all my engines and check? Thanks for the update though
  10. Up North

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    Nothing to worry about. We've been under the new regulation here in MN for 3-4 years already and I haven't had any problems. Just need to make sure that if your gas is going to sit on the shelf or not be used in 30-45 days add Stabil to it.


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