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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowerboy04, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Mowerboy04

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    For those of you who bag grass weekly i was wondering how you handle your grass clippings. I either thinking building up the sides on my trailer and dumping onto a tarp and then draging it out. Or dumping into my pickup bed and put some sort of a load handler in it. Any and all ideas are appreciated.
  2. millenium_123

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    I bag nearly every yard I mow and I put the grass straight in the dumpster. If that is not possible where you live, a good idea might be buying several of those big trash cans on wheels and hauling those around. I use those when a dumpster isn't available. I can't imagine the mess of just dumping it on the trailer or in the back of the truck!
  3. mowerbrad

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    I put sides on my trailer (just wooden ones) and dump the clippings on a tarp. If it's a light load of grass then I can just drag the tarp off and dump the grass, pretty quick. But if you have a lot of grass, then get the pitch fork out until it is light enough to just drag the tarp off.
  4. Vogel-Landscaping

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    I put the clippings in the back of my truck. Dump them at a dump at the end of the day. Around here bagging and leaving grass isnt what people want. Also if you dump it on your trailer and dont tarp it chances are youll get pulled over for not securing your load. But we buy dump trucks because everyone around here wants their grass bagged and hauled away.
  5. Hawg City Lawns

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    here our trash service is waste management they sell these green bags that you can put leaves or grass in because they will not pick up a normal black trash bag with that type of stuff in them most people buy their own and when they are scheduled for service that day they will just leave them out by the door step and when im done ill sit them out by their garage or take them down by the street depending on when they get their trash picked up sometimes people forget to do that so i always have a roll in the truck if that happens ill just charge them a $1 a bag most yards i only bag the front yards (because "thats the only part of the yard everyone sees" and not too many people want to pay for bagging the whole yard) so saying that i will get 2 bags a mowing in the spring and and 1 bag in the dog days of summer off the front yards this is very convenient and no mess or a dumping fee at the dump
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  6. Mowerboy04

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    yea around here you dont see alot of companies bag grass so i wanted to try it this year. i think it will be a good nich to get into. If i had know i was going to do this i would of kept my old dump truck but i ended up selling it last fall :hammerhead:
  7. Mowerboy04

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    has anyone used a load handeler?
  8. blakerugg

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    I'm on my iPhone so I can't give u the link but search for a thread I started recenty about this
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  9. Mowerboy04

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    i coudn't find the link but if you could send it to me later i wodn't mind reading it.
  10. blakerugg

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