Guys Who Mow in Thunderstorms

Turf Tracer

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Niagra NY
mow in rain no problem but what’s up with these crews running around w/trimmers and mowing when there’s thunder booming.

I got a Get the Hell into the Truck policy

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
We have the same policy...working in the rain is fine, for the most part. If they see lightning or hear thunder head for the truck.

And I know lightning can travel a long way, but this has been abused as well. Crew sitting in a truck long after the storm has passed.


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Lehi Ut
Been there Just two weeks ago. light rain, heavier rain, very heavy rain, torrential downpour and then flash/boom in the truck. Two soaked wet stinky guys waiting for the next break to load and go without getting lit up. When I'm talking to potential customers about when we mow/don't mow I tell them that you can dry out after light rain but if you get struck by lightning you end up with super powers or dead and you don't come back after the dead part.