Guys with enclosed trailers have a ?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Craftybigdog, Mar 19, 2004.

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    Depends what Haulmark line it is for that price. Our trailer is an 8.5 X 20 enclosed and the base price was actually only $4400. Now that was the Thrifty-Hauler line. Which is their cargo trailer. It's not their car-hauler line which is more. It's been a few years since we bought ours, but let me see if memory serves me with these facts. I did some serious spec checking with these trailers at the time.
    Our trailer is an 8000 lb. unit, the plywood walls and floors were the same thickness as all their big trailers are, the on-centers were the same, axles the same, the only difference, and it was in our favor, was the thrifty-hauler line was 3 inches taller on the inside. Which is quite beneficial at my 6' 3" height. The car-hauler series is a little more flashy than the thrifty-hauler line though. The thrifty-hauler has a more rounded roof whereas the car series has a flat and completely boxed look to the trailer.

    One note about these bigger trailers and axles vs. torsion rubbers. I had it explained to me that under heavy loads and stress conditions, the springs are more durable. If you were to have it loaded down and had to go onto a job-site that was rough (new construction etc.) or happen to drive over a curb, the torsion axle "could" snap because it doesn't have the strength of the springs. Not saying it will, but they would break in that situation before a spring would. Torsion does ride better, but with our trailer, and the fact there's a 72"& 60" Lazers, 48" walk-behind and a crap load of other stuff, it rides perfect.

    I'd check prices a little just to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
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    would it be against the rules to post trailers that my brother has for sale ?
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    To promote sale: yes
    To promote information that others can benefit from: no.

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