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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Dec 13, 2004.

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    I am looking at expanding next year and would be in dire need of a new building. Currently working out of our storage facility which is nice - all cement, loft upstairs, ect but grwoing pains. I may still need our storage units (I own a storage complex) so that works great for me now.

    Question is what do you guys have as shops? Steel buildings, stick frame, pole barn type of buildings?

    All mechanical equipment - welders, air compressors, lifts, heat/air?
    Office, net access, phone,fax, etc.

    Insulated, cold storage, steel fronts or some brick or stucco?

    Different "parts" of the building - like one area heated, other cold, other office, and other wash bay?

    Just getting some ideas? Pictures would be great as well!!
  2. club54

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    I have seen people use 18 wheeler trailer for shop
  3. specialtylc

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    I built a 40X72 shop 2 years ago. Pole building 12 ft ceiling, all concrete floor. 1/3 is our workshop area, insulated,gas heat,toilet. The other 2/3 is for equipment storage. The equipment bay is large enough that we can back in the truck and trailer in as one unit.Automatic door openers.Plenty of lights and a security system. Our old shop was burglarized and we lost over $6000 in tools.We have most of the tools that we need to build,fix or modify our equipment.

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