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    these push mowers of mine take to long to complete a yard and wearing my ass out, was worried about getting a trailer because my truck right now is only 2.2 liter s10 4 banger 95. i looked at my book and it says my truck has a GVWR of 4000, how much weight does that mean i could pull or haul?*trucewhiteflag*
  2. Turfrific

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    oh yah and im 36!
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    Your GVWR is the maximum weight you should put on your trucks tires (i.e. the weight of your truck, all the cargo you put in it, and the tongue weight of the trailer). The tow rating is the maximum weight of the trailer your vehicle can tow, and the GCWR (gross combination weight rating) is the maximum weight you should have with vehicle, cargo, and trailer (sometimes if you tow at the maximum tow rating, you cannot haul much of anything in your truck).

    Your truck probably is rated to tow 2000 lbs (1999 S-10 4-cyl, see: http://www.trailerlife.com/downloads/99towingguide.pdf). It should handle a 5x8 trailer with any commercial walkbehind or a compact Z (less than 1000 lbs) in it. For decent performance, you probably should get a light 5x8 trailer (2000 lbs rated, 12" wheels, maybe expanded metal floor, less than 500 lbs empty).
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    thanks alot man just what i thought, not much then.:cry:
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    It's not that bad, really. You can pretty much tow any lawnmower that you want, short of a 1200 lbs + full size (60" or larger) Z--but, you can only have one lawnmower (unless you buy a pair of belt drive walkbehinds--about 500 lbs a piece). If you are planning upon getting two lawnmowers in the future (say a walkbehind and a Z), you could even buy a 6x12 single axle open trailer now, and a more powerful truck later (a light duty 5x8 would be about 500 lbs or less, a heavy duty 5x8 about 650-750 lbs, and a 6x12 single axle between 850 and 1000 lbs--about half your tow capacity).

    I daily tow a 6x12 open trailer (900 lbs) with 2 mowers (1600 lbs) for a total weight of about 2500 lbs (some days I add an old walkbehind for a total of about 3000 lbs) with a truck with a GVWR of 4800 lbs and a tow rating of 2000 lbs. However, my truck is a full size 1984 D-100 with 3.7 L slant-six (225 ci), 3.73 rear end, and overdrive 4-speed manual. It's only 95 hp, however, but has relatively lots of low end torque. My truck is very slow, however, and difficult to start facing uphill--especially when towing 3000 lbs. It works, however. It was dangerous to stop before I added electric brakes to my trailer, because the truck is only about 3400 lbs empty. I would prefer not to tow anything that weighed more than about 1/2 the weight of my truck without brakes.

    Best of luck!
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    Here are some examples of what you might want and need:


    They're used and for the money they all have some disadvantages...
    One or the other looks like crap but great mileage, others look great but high miles, and so on...
    Also the search was done "within 500 miles" of MY zip code lol, but these are just examples.

    What you really want is along these lines:
    1400-2000 dollars, at LEAST 1400!
    5 liter engine, a 6-cyl diesel would be super but...
    100,000 or so miles (200k tends to be too high).
    White or light color (stays cooler in the summer sun).
    3/4 ton (heavy duty, no fail).

    Unfortunately beggars can't be choosy, but...
    The more basic the truck, the more likely it is a work horse.
    The fancier the options, the more you lose out in the 'work' department and in this price range.
    Better off without a/c than a truck that won't hold up for long.

    We trade, we compromise...
    You have to have functionality before comfort and cosmetics.

    Good luck
  7. Turfrific

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    says i i have a gawr of 2400/1140 fft, then the rr gawr is similar. thanks tops ill start looking around i already knew that from other post iv'e read of yours and the others on here, otherwise small trailer might have to work right now.:dizzy:

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