Gypsum-easiest way to apply

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gusbuster, Aug 24, 2000.

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    My local irrigation place on carries gypsum in powder form. I use to be able to get a pelletized version that was so much easier to spread.

    The question that I have, what would be the easiest way to srpead powdered lanscape gypsum without looking like Casper the friendly ghost when I'm done?? Would a drop spreader work??

    I've haven't had to many calls to do this, but more and more of my clients need to have this done because of our clay soils.

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    in order for gypsum to be effective it must be mixed into the soil.dusting of the soil surface will ,at best, be very unlikely to improve the soil must be worked into the soil.even a rough scratch with a rock rake will help.
    if you want to dust the lawn with it i would give it a quick spray with a hose after application.
    Note: I saw your photos.If you continue to leave your rakes lying around with the tines pointing up,you will get hurt.Guarenteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your'e work looks great though.

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