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    Spot on.

    I'll add, if you want to avoid pee spot syndrome, then water down the pee spot after deposition.

    Not sure I would go that far, but with respect to "soil busting" it is probably true.
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    how did I accomplish the dog not peeing on the lawn? easy I trained him from a puppy not to. It can be raining cats and dogs and he'll still run across the lawn to the wood line. I just took him that far to pee when he was a puppy and he lernt. It was no different than training him not to pee in the house
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    That is the best solution I've heard on the subject... unfortunately dog owners are no more responsible in training their dogs ,,, than parents are their children...
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    There are two ways to prevent dog spotting on your lawn. First is to train your dog to do it's business in one spot, preferable a dirt, stone, or mulched area you don't care about. Second is to follow it around with a gallon of water and flush the areas they pee on. NOTHING else will work.
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    I've never used gypsum but all this talk has me interested. Im going to try it on my yard, should I mix it with water? What kind of applications are you all using to put it down?
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    Again, you can have either a good dog, or a good lawn. Not both.

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