h-made g-hopper stripes??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hunter Landscape, Feb 16, 2001.

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    it is evident i am ready for warmer weather and green grass!!

    i have been thinking a little too much lately.
    i have conjured up a home-made striping kit idea and wanted to run it through this forum to see what kind of feedback i may get.

    *on a 52" grasshopper-- bolt two pcs of flat bar off of the back of the grass collection system. these flat bars will be bolted on at an angle so that they extend far enough off of the back of the mower for clearance of the rear wheels when in reverse.

    *then the actual "striping" mechanism comes into play. i thought about using the "drag along" mesh like the DC uses, or i thought of possibly going with a "roller" type setup. (similar to a long thin rolling pin) i am not sure that the "roller" theory has been used but it seems like it "should" work. :)

    here in SC, we have plenty of Centipede grass as well as bermuda. (Bahia too unfortunately!)
    how has the striping turned out for cent. and berm. for you all?

    do ya think my theory of my "rigged up hopper would work??


    i can't wait to hear these responses! but, it's FRIDAY!


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