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    I have worked in the green industry for 10 years for both my dad who has a 40+ account mowing business and as a foreman for a landscape install/maintenence company. However, right now I am a college student and I need to write a term paper on the H2B for my American Policy class and I wanted to have a section about what people in the industry thought of the program. If you like the policy or not any feedback would help. Thanks.
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    My former employer has used the program for many years. It has worked well for them. Like most areas it has been hard to find reliable landscape laborers in Madison, WI. Getting locals to show up every day and put in an honest days work at $10-12 per hour is hard. In 2005 the national allotment of H2Bs was used up before our season started and our regular H2Bs couldn't return until late June after Congress allowed more into the country. That spring our 12 person golf maintenance crew saw 6 locals get fired or quit for various reasons in the first 2 months of the season. Prior to that we had the same H2Bs for about 4 years.

    The H2Bs travel a long way for the specific purpose of working. Often they are supporting a family back in Mexico and are well aware that if they don't work they don't get paid. Mom and dad can't support them if they are too lazy too work.

    For many landscape and nursery companies H2Bs are the only way that they can stay in business because no one else will do the work. If I had to choose between 2 job applicants who I knew nothing about I would choose an H2B over a local because I have had much better luck getting hard work from H2Bs than locals.

    Another benefit is that H2Bs can't collect unemployment so the payroll tax is lower.

    Hope my opinion helps.
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    Thank You:waving::waving::waving:

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