H2b Visa Nightmare!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bt99yz125, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. bt99yz125

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    Well this past year my company has decided to try out the H2b program. I found a local company in my area that handle the program and I proceeded to gather some info about the company from others in the area and all seem well. We started the process in September and it started fine. Then when trying to get certified by the state the papers were taking a long time. My agent was right on top of things and began to follow up with some calls to see what the problem was. Well it seems that the state had lost my paper work, so my agent had to fax all the paper work he had asap. He was able to obtain a written statement explaining the problem. Even though that does me no good. All problems aside the mix up was fixed now all we had to do was wait for the cert in the mail. Its now Jan 17-06 and its not here so i call my agent and he tells me that its a waiting game and if he keeps calling to check on the process he thinks they will just throw are case out. So i get the numbers in Atlanta and i call an em told the the paper work was sent out on the Jan-13-06 but it was denied. . I call my agent an told him the bad news and he told me will still have a chance to appeal the ruling. Is anybody having problems getting there H2b visas?

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    not to be rude but i hope no one gets there h2bs this year .
  3. cochino12

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    I agree, but I also wish people would raise their own kids with a decent work ethic. I am not trying to start a pissing match but there seems to be no middle ground, try to pay more money for good help, guys dont seem to show up. Anyway, good luck man I hope you find your help from local guys, but I just dont think anyone wants to work from the bottom up anymore.
  4. Sunset

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    My state agency was on the ball and had my paperwork in to the labor dept in 30 days. Certification came in on Jan 18th. Why was your application denied? When you appeal send a letter from your accountant explaining your seasonal need, copies of commercial or residential contracts, etc to prove your case.
  5. bt99yz125

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    I'm still waiting to get the paper work back to see why i was denied.
  6. AintNoFun

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    not to be rude, your ******** for saying that... and why do you hope no one gets them this year...
  7. Sean Adams

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    Talk to the people at Marcus Drake Consultants....

    they are a sponsor of the site and their button is located at the top....
  8. Brianslawn

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    no need to worry. your american workers will make you more money than any hispanic workers will any other company. (sarcasm intended)

    like sean said. noel, paul, val and others at M.D. have been very helpful to me thus far with my first go around with h2bs. bit of website/email communication problems when i first inquired, but noel was quick to apologize and correct the problem. i was impressed by noel's willingness to give me his cell # so i could contact him direct with ???s, even if it was after hours or weekends.

    i will post updates on my experiences, and if all continues to go good, i will use them year after year.

    if you would like the name of another reputable h2b firm (for comparison's sake) please PM mike (mbella). mike is a very kind, helpful individual.
  9. bt99yz125

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    Thanks to all you guys with helpful info!

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i just don't really understand why anyone would want to better someone else life that in return does not help our country as a whole . granted they help one persons company by making them money from my experience.yes i do know about it , i went down to Mexico twice to get workers . I was all for it at first till i really saw the whole picture . example at least half of the workers that come up here don't have car insurance and continue to get in accidents and someone like me and you have to pay higher insurance costs b/c of this . the ones i used to work with didn't even pay taxes b/c they claimed 99 dependents . just remember when you or kids don't get social security you helped cause that by hiring them . the other part of the story i love is that so many people b$tch about how they cant compete with these Mexicans that are already here and lowball . well how the hell do you think they got here . :gunsfirin :cry:

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