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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by STLlawnboy, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Have people been happy using Marcus Drake to fill their H2b visa needs. I am looking to get 2-4 h2b guest workers for next season and would like some feedback on their services. Or if you deal with another company thanks
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    I have had several discussions with three different visa assisting agencies but have yet to hire any of them.
    For one thing, all state they can assist you in obtaining the visa's but will not guarantee you actually receiving visa's from our government.
    Secondly, they - and not you - are the one's doing the job interview.
    Thirdly, they are expensive.
    Forth, even those these types of assisting businesses are easier to deal with than the bloated Federal government, the raft of paperwork is simply amazing.
    Fifth, there is no guarantee that the workers you have this year will be able to return next year - talk about a gun to the head!
    I have been working with an immigration attorney on this and several other issues and the cost was actually cheaper, the results better and now I have an attorney on retainer for the business.
    My divorce attorney is a different animal altogether.

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