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  1. mtdman

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    Anyone do this for employees? Particularly smaller companies? How do you like it, how does it work, is it a good or bad idear?

    I'm thinking about doing this for help next year maybe, not sure all of what it entails.


  2. impactlandscaping

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    Tom, I get postcards from several places for H2B every few months. Most are around $ 2000.00-2500.00 for up to 99 visas. You are still responsible for the extras.With the way things are around here, I may be calling one of them really soon for next year. Most will flex the payments over 4-5 months, so you can get the workers making money for you, instead of fronting the whole bill in advance. Part of our problem is our local unemployment rate is at 3%, mostly everyone who wants to work is working...
  3. JustMowIt

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    H2B visas are great, but the road to getting them is a long paper filled adventure. We applied for 35 visas for the '04 season & received 21 workers. In 2005 we have already started the process & applied for 45 workers (we are distributing 1M door hangers), but the cap is 60,000 total for 2005 & unless the bill to raise the cap passes, many contractors will not receive the workers they need. In most cases, this will result in most companies having to rely on the documentation that the workers provide on their own! :dizzy:
  4. lawncutr

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    I did it last year and was approved and then lost out as the cap was reached...lots of paperwork, but it's gonna be worth it...for the most part most Americans would rather work for themselves than work for $9/hour..hence the program is great...workers that actually show up and have few excuses.
  5. JustMowIt

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    H2B is great! The more years we participate, the better our results should be (i.e. I know of companies that have been using the program several seasons who have alomost 100% of their workers with H2B visas).

    Be sure to consider this issue when you are voting in November! We need the H2B cap to be raised before March!!!!!!

    John Kerry favors even more restrictions on the Mexican borders!!!! :angry:
    Ummmm...Let's see, hard working, loyal employees, who risk their lives to make money for their families, who do the worst jobs, that Americans are too lazy to do.......WE SHOULD SHOOT THEM ON SITE & SPEND BILLIONS TRYING TO KEEP THEM OUT OF OUR ECONOMY!!!!!! :realmad:
  6. Evergreenpros

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    Didn't you hear? We've lost 994,536,667,345,987,676,786 jobs over the last 3.75 years. There's no jobs anywhere, nobody is working, our economy is in ruins. There's no hope except for John Kerry to take over the White House and to tax us into prosperity. Well, according to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC anyway.

    And no, there's no where in this country that has 3% unemployment. There's at least 948859685% unemployment everwhere, because there are no jobs. Nobody is working, we're all doomed.
  7. gogetter

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    Did you get your money back I hope?
  8. mtdman

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    I just want one dude. What exactly do you have to provide for them?
  9. Lawnworks

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    Are the workers obligated to work for your company? How much do you have to pay them? Will a Mexican drivers license work here?
  10. Green Quality

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    I'm sorry but what does H 2 b stand for?

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