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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green-Pro, Oct 26, 2004.

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    This is so assinine its laughable; I typed up my letter of resignation this last weekend, asked the wife if it looked o.k. she said yep, I planned on turning it in Monday Nov. 1 with my end date being Feb. 18.

    o.k. o.k. , before I get hammered on this the reason for the three month timeline is for them to get somebody hired and trained, I work in the computer field and there are processes that only occur once a month, in addition to the way we are staffed just giving two weeks puts ALL vacations on hold for that three month time frame.

    I have twenty years in here and although it is a decent place to work I hate office work (used to be in manufacturing until about 5 yrs. ago). So as I've said it has been a decent place to work I just want to follow my dreams of being self-employed. Thought I'd test the waters with my manager on how much notice he would want if I were to pull the plug(did not tell him it was already a done deal), he said three months I said yeah thats what I had in mind, he then said we can have you work temp for three months and then cut you loose. I then laughed at him and said you need to listen to what you are saying, why on earth would I want to work through a temp agency at my present job for half the pay and no benis for three months, not to mention the drive is 45 miles one way each day. I told him look I thought I'd do you a favor I can find a job until spring for that kind of money (10 per hour) closer to home and save my self the drive. Ended up telling him I wasn't sure what I was going to do just yet still needed to check on some things.

    Man ya try and be a nice guy and they still want to try and bend ya over to make the bottom line of the budget come out. Oh well looks like two weeks is all they will get.

    Thanks just had to vent

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    Don't give your notice unless you are ready to leave THAT DAY.
    I gave two weeks notice at a foreman job I had, worked there for 12 and a half years. The owner says, Are you a 100 per cent sure? Yes, I said. Then you're done right now, he said. OK, bye, I says. Legally, he owed me pay for those two weeks, but I was so glad not to be working there anymore, I never pushed for it. When your place of employment MAKES you cash your paycheck at work, it's time to get outa Dodge City.

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    You may be right but I wanted to try and leave on good terms as they would be a pretty good account to land next time they are up for bid, you would think that after 21 years and listening to all the corporate crap about doing the right thing they could/would respect that, but live and learn. Like I said to my boss I haven't allowed peope to walk over me up to this point and see no reason to start now. Anyway I told him I hadn't completely made up my mind and like I said in last post two weeks is all he's gonna get. I guess at this point I'm so ready to be out of there I could spit, just figured this would be a good winter place to be, at least til feb. If its meant to be it will be if not deal with it ;-)

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    Man........I am chomping at the bit to hand in my 2 week notice at my criminally ran, corrupt job....Stick it up their AAAAAAAAAA...

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