Habla espanol?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Pallas, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Jason Pallas

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    Solo una pregunta - quantos personas aqui habla espanol? Si, habla usted, es su lengua primaria o secondaria? Gracias - hablo los dos (ingles y espanol) - estoy curiouso porque hay muchos companias en las industria que tiene empleados que solo habla espanol y pienso que hay mucho beneficios quando ahy un jefe quien puede hablar a estos empleados.
  2. Evan528

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    lol! Im going to try decifer and understand what I can! I do not speak spanish great, but enough to communicate what i neeed to my employees. I have started using spanish speaking employees last year. I had 4 of them working for me. The employees i has spoke little or no english. I think you asked the benefits of spanish speaking employees since so many company's use them? Well thats easy....there the only guys who want to work for there money! Most dont complain and they work very hard! So how did i do? I probly anserd the opposite of what you wanted! :)
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    I speak a litte Spanish, although English is my primary language. Once the factory where I work started to employ many Mexicans, I took a couple of semesters at the university. This helped quite a bit, that and I went out with a couple of the Mexicans that I worked with. Although, I still need a translator from time to time. I was thumbing through a catalog of holticulture book yesterday and saw a book that was dedicated to common Spanish phrases used in this industry.

  4. King City Lawns

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  5. thegrasscatchers

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    Although I hire day labor that is mostly spanish-speaking, my regulars must be completely proficient in the English Language. Many times, my crew will have to leave a note on a door, or speak directly to a customer, so as part of the interview, i have them type a letter on the computer, as an introduction to my other employees. This serves as my spelling and grammer test. I know they are hired as laborers, but I like to show a certain image of my employees, and a customer getting a note that has mispellings just wont do it in my book. Just my opinion.
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    Maye be need to make a spanish forum....:p

    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    come again
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    i had 12 years of spanish in school. they made us start at an early age. i cant beleive i remembered so much, because i actually understood what you wrote. i dont have any employees, just work solo, but if i ever get a spanish employee, i should be able to communicate with him.
  9. longslawn

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    I have 2 Hispanic and 2 Americans that work with me. The Hispanics are harder workers and are willing to do what ever is nessasary to get the job done. If I need any more employees I will look at the Hispanic employee first, but also American workers. The 2 Americans that work with me are very good workers also.
  10. JimLewis

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    I am decent at spanish. I understood everything you said above except 'pienso'. But I read it or hear it better than I speak it.

    When I speak spanish, I call it broken spanish. Much like the way hispanics botch our language many times when they try to speak it, that's about how I speak spanish.

    Translation from one of my typical conversations to a hispanic worker, "I speak with Jeff on telephone. He and Josh go to home for all day. No more working today. You can go to your home too. Until tomorrow."

    It works. But I really should take more time to learn more.

    Yes, you are correct. I will pay more for a crew leader who speaks both english and spanish.

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