Had a conversation with a local Scrub today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Soupy, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Soupy

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    I pulled up to a customers house today and noticed a minivan with a small box trailer parked across the street. As I started to unload this guy drives up next to me with a white Rideing mower and ask me what I would charge to cut the lawn he was doing. I told him and he said that the lady was to cheap to pay that. I told him that I would not do it then. He said well I just do this part time. I just smiled at him, and told him that the house I was at was a friend and that I do it for free. I figured this would keep him away from it. Anyway I told him I had a old John Deere walk behind at home that I'm thinking about selling if he would be interested. I told him I only wanted about $500 for it. and he said it sounds like a good deal but he doesn't have the money. I smiled and said well if you were charging what you should then you might. Then I took a glance at his work and pointed out that he might want to check his blades or deck, becuase his cut was uneaven. He said yea I know, I think I have a bad spindle bearing. I just looked at him in a daze and he said, well she'll get over it and laughed.

    I couldn't beleive what I was hearing. This is a true poster man for a Scrub. Oh by the way he was leaving about the same time I was and I noticed he didn't even blow off the driveway.

    This was my first run in with a Scrub this year, and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

  2. perfection lawn care

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    Gotta love the scrubs, in my opinion its job securty for us.

    I just took over ones account today and he considered himself a lco, but by the looks of the property he only had a crapsman 21", and a blower, don't even think he knew what a trimmer was.

    Wish I had some before and after pics to post of it. Like you always here on this site, ya get what you pay for!!!
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Yes I went to give an estimate on a lawn last night and the lady said the kid that was mowing it just did it that day and she didn't like it at all. He used her push mower and left streaks between passes occasionally (she thought it was the blade on her mower LOL I said or operator error LOL) and did not cut once a week like she requested (clumping of grass since it was only once every two weeks) and he didn't weedeat, didn't blow, etc apparently did a crappy job, and she was pretty displeased, because she had to go home and clean up after him! I told her I clean up after my self!!! She said before I got there (on phone) that she would be pretty picky, but when i was talking to her while looking at it, I thought, she's not really picky, just this scrub is only worth a peice of ****! So that's the first time I've really benefitted from a scrub... Kinda nice to have someone like that around to give me work... Anyhow, like mom says, that kind of person will give you alot of business if you treat 'em right and work to their expectations... that woman will be a good customer!
    And, I told her my price ($15, small yard) and she said, well I'll give you $20. That's what I was going to give her but I was afraid she would think that was high since she'd had a scrub previously.. so playing it safe does work sometimes. I already didn't get a couple due to prices.. Better to just go a tad low right now until I get a better feel for it.
    Eric :blob4:
  4. Mid Rivers

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    $15???????? .:confused:

    How can you afford to take your equipment off the trailer for that price? I charge $25 for a place that is so small all I use is my weed eater.:D
  5. dlandscaping

    dlandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from mass
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    No name calling.
    Thank you
  6. Clint

    Clint LawnSite Member
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    Wow Dlandscaping, that was a kidney shot. I dont find that very nice at all. Maybe you guys know something that I dont, but regaurdless, you shouldnt rip him like that.
  7. KDJ

    KDJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    Equipment off the trailer??? He's 15 years old cutting grass for $15.00 More young men should be like this. Sounds like a hard worker to me. ( I'll bet he will raise his prices when he can drive )
  8. the point man

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    C'mon, guys, as I'm sure you know, not every market bears the
    same price. I have a couple of fifteen dollar lawns. They're small,
    but I spend at least a half-hour on each one. I sure wish that I
    could charge more, but I can't. I work in the Jamestown, NY area
    which used to be a major furniture manufacturing city, but alas,
    almost the entire furniture industry has moved to the Carolinas.
    This town has the lowest real estate prices in the northeast.
    My house cost $43,000 in Jamestown and would have been priced at $130,000 or more anywhere near Boston. Nice if you're
    buying, not so if you're selling. Anyway, you get my point.
  9. TGCummings

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    Depends on his profit on that $15. If it's on an established route and it's a postage stamp property he could be getting $90/hour at that rate. Average that out to a 7 hour work day and tell me $630/day working solo is a bad take home... ;)
  10. dlandscaping

    dlandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from mass
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    It was posted before he only had 9 or less clients some family members and how he and others should have a set price to drop the gate so i had to respond. He can't drive and unless the property is next door he cant make $630 a day. He won't be solo. His profit wouldn't be that high since he just got all new two cycle stuff.

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