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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JRS Landscaping, May 10, 2007.

  1. JRS Landscaping

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    alright i have 2 lawns right next to each other and they are on a weekly cutting basis. the one lady always parks her cars in her driveway so i go to the door and ask her nicely to move her cars so i can cut the back. she says ok and moves them. while she is moving them i start cuttin the other front yard because its a postage stamp. as i am laying the last row of strips on the other house, her partner (from the first house) comes out and starts yelling at me and pointing her finger on how she wants her yard done first and she did this in a not so nice manner. so i was nice about it figuring she had a bad day because she was always a good customer.

    so i finished the lawns and started loading up the trailer while my worker was blowing off the yards. as i was dumping the grass into the back of my truck she pulls up and starts complaining on how she wants it cut lower. i am cutting a 2.5" i told her i couldnt drop it to 2" because im a not taking the risk of lanching something at her house or someone. so she told me to leave a bill in her mailbox and that she is going to find a new landscaper. I said alright thank you for using my services but i really dont appercate how you talked to me. then she starts getting all offended and telling me how i should bendover backwards for her. i asked her what makes her better than the other customer and she goes i was your cusomer first! when she was done shouting her mouth off i told her i would stop today to pick up the money. then she took off in her car almost spinning the tires.

    i got a kick out of this the lady was a pita this year anyway
    i told my father and he started cracking up
    hope ya'll enjoy .... please dont mind my bad spelling
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    I've had my share of those, I think sometimes people pick a fight in order to end things... But it's all good, I take most of them in stride, it don't bother me a whole lot, except for the part about, like you said, didn't have to be like that, it's kinda like 'hey well I'm not quite ready to grab you by the throat here, but this mouth thing...'
  3. JRS Landscaping

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    yea people are unbelivable
  4. Duekster

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    You can fire me or chew me out but surely I don't deserve both.
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    LOL, May be your first, but sure not your last. Any people that I've had words with like that, I was happy to see them go. As highly as they think of themselves, losing any one customer doesn't equal a blip in my bottom line. They are usually replaced right away somehow.
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    We have had that before, We did two condo associations right next to each other and we started mowing one of them first obviously) and the president of the association that was across the street got mad because they have been our customers for longer and feel that they should be mowed first.
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    I think you handled that perfectly... very professional.

    The thing I find really amusing is when clients that are past due on their statements always find something to complain about. I guess they have to find a way to justify there situation.
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    Newbie alert - what does PITA stand for?
  9. Gimp

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    Never mind I just figured it out lmao :cool2:

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