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Had a good laugh today....


LawnSite Bronze Member
Spring Hill, FL
My friend, who is also an LCO is all the time telling me that his BR400 blower is just as powerful as my BR600 and he can't understand why anyone would buy a BR600. Well, at the end of the day today another LCO friend of mine stops by the house and shows me his new Echo PB755 blower. My friend with the BR400 shows up too. I ask to see what the PB755 will do and we have a little contest trying to blow a pressure treated 4x4 (3ft in length) across the driveway. The PB755 rolls it down the cement about 6 ft. I fire up the BR600 and it tumbles about 7 - 8 ft. My friend with the BR 400 claims that it'll do the same thing. He fires it up and it won't even budge the 4x4. We all had a good laugh and told my friend that we don't want to hear him anymore bragging about his "big powerful BR400"

RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member
Dracut, MA
Now if i fired up my EBZ8000 i bet it would move that peice of wood 10-12 ft.

lawnboy dan

LawnSite Platinum Member
north florida
i used my old trusty shin 630 for the first time after using the br600 for the past 3 months today. no contest! i keep thinking -wheres the power? . i am spoiled by the br600 allready. now if i really want a laugh-i can fire up my really old redmax 431.


LawnSite Fanatic
You want to try your little blower againt my Billygoat.....13hp? Me and your friend with the BR400 will take on you and your 755 friend....guess who will win on that?


LawnSite Member
Now if i fired up my EBZ8000 i bet it would move that peice of wood 10-12 ft.

I bet if I fired up my 1990 Echo PB 400e I would move that 4x4 about 2 feet but would probably peel up the driveway in the process.