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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justmjc, Nov 17, 2003.

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    that had mentioned that he does 1 on 1 marketing, or telemarketing of home services to people across the state. Not sure if it was actual telemarketing or opt-in calls. However, he stated that he would like to add lawn maintenance to the list of services he provides, and that he's looking for a few in my area. Basically, he's acting as the contractor and I'm the subcontractor in my mind.

    He stated that he gets the leads and hands them over to me. I determine the rate and I supply the work. All he was asking for was a 7% cut, give or take per week. Now this could set him up good but I thought very briefly about it and said "nah". Didn't sound like that great of a deal for me.

    Now looking back, if he landed me an account either commercial or residential mid to high end, I might have made some cash. All on free advertising, no cost to me. Since we didn't even go into detail about it, I don't know if his offer was for the life of the account or for a set term, that he would get a commission. Also, with the telemarketing block, I don't think this would fly.

    Anyways, still have his number, pondering if it's anything to look back into or let go. He at least had my ear when he called, even only for a short minute. Anyone have a situation like this?
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    Sounds like your first instinct was on target. Doubt this guy gets his own leads, he most likely brokers them for yet another company. If he actually furnished you leads, there's probably more charges involved to you than his 7% than you were told about up front. Or wanting you to pay for leads before the job is secured.

    In any event, don't sign any agreement that makes you liable for any fees at any point.
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    I almost got into something like you mentioned when I started. In the end it was like a sudo franchise. He'd get a % from any lawn that he got me for the life of the job, if you know what I mean? All he did was sub out cold callers and send me to quote any job that was interested. He basically got money for nothing. Luckily I didnt go ahead.

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