Had a 'situation" at one of my properties

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    I received a call from the property manager about a property I take care of. The head manager was on vacation so the assistant was calling me. So anyway he tells me about a complaint he received from someone complaining about the lawn spaying . so goes on about how her son and her were walking from a store to the bank (mine)and the smell was overpowering them and that they barely made into the bank. She then goes on about how they are suppose to be a "green" bank and all that stuff and that they should not endanger the health of people for a green lawn. And gave him websites to read about all the dangers about lawn care. So I tell him the property was marked with flags at the entrances of the property and yet still still walked through it.
    I'm sure most of you have gotten these complaints before . But the best part for me was I don't do the lawn spraying for this property . The head manager has it broken out from the lawn maintenance. . I told him that the bank should call her on this and tell her that they will close her account with them.

    So just a story for today.
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    Yes and most people are clueless. They think they are smelling the chemical itself that controls, kills weeds or what ever pesticide you are using that reeks. Meanwhile they are really smelling the carrier which are usually napthate/petroleum types. Also the carriers are often as bad if not worse for one's health compared the main ingredient in the herbicide that controls/kills weeds. We got to have these carriers taken out. I don't need to smell it to know what I am using or to scare people and clients off

    . Dimension EW is a case in point. Dimension EC reeked bad. EW is better but still has a slight Durban type odor to it. The same product in Australia Dimension EW has no distillates or napthates in it, yet I bet it works just the same. Over there is it just water and Dithiopyr. Why can't it be the same here? My cynical "conspiracy Theory" is that lobbyists or chem companies must make money off of or not want to get rid of the carriers for some reason. Anyway.....
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    most people that complain about the smell of our spray feel really dumb when i tell them it is the seaweed we mix in that they are smelling. then they smell again and realize that i am right and they put their heads down and go back inside
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    We have a couple of "sensitive types" also.
    Banks get sprayed late day or on Saturday after they close. Same with Daycare client.
    Cemetery sprayed on Mondays to avoid weekend visitors.

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