Had my JD LT 133 motor changed to 16 hp motor help?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ksandjd, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Hi all,
    After receiving so much awesome advice when I was seeking info on my JD LT 133, we had a local shop install a what was to be a briggs and stratton motor rebuilt, we ended up with a 16 hp kohler motor....he installed a 16 hp kohler motor (supposedly rebuilt) because he didn't "have" the briggs and stratton motor...... Since return of our sweet mower, it quit working, wasn't getting gas, was returned to the shop, and came back with alot more gas in it my husband thought this rather odd, because the tank was half full when it left, and came back almost completely full), and it will run now. However,
    after sitting for 24 hours, the battery is dead. Repair shop now says it is just an old battery....but seems rather unusual, in that, the battery never failed until this shop replaced the motor..... Question is: Replacing the 13 hp kohler that was original with the JD LT 133, with a Kohler 16 hp motor....cutting some wires on the left of the motor head and "splicing" them together, working on the "fuel filter", could any of these issues be a "drain" on the battery? If you have an idea of what could be draining the battery please share! :)
    I have a really bad feeling about this whole job, and the shop owner...please advise if you have any idea what we are looking at draining the battery.
    thanks to all for any help, ideas or direction. We will be installing a new battery tonight, and if that one also goes dead..I will repost tomorrow for additional help! :) Thanks sooooo much!

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