Had my truck and trailer stolen today

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Myk, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Myk

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    Main reasons for posting this is let everyone that thinks it could never happen to you please think twice.
    I was by myself today gave the help a day off (yards are burning up). I was mowing a property that had 8 duplexes and have been mowing it for 7 plus years didn't think much of it so I did what I always do rolled the windows up (windows are tinted) and left the keys in the ignition:nono:. Got it mowed and trimmed and as I'm blowing off sidewalks a tenant comes around the corner and says someone just stole your truck. Truck, Trailer, Equipment gone!!! only thing I had to my name at this point was a backpack blower. Police were called and Luckily the manager at the next door apartment complex saw this and jumped in his truck to try and chase them down, he had no luck spotting them. As I'm talking to the police I get a call from a near by cemetery saying there was a guy that parked your truck and trailer and took off, is it stolen? I told him yes and he tried to chase him down but he got in a suv and got away. I don't know if he got spooked or what happen that made him ditch the truck close by and run off. Everything was accounted for execpt he took the keys to the truck. Chances of catching him slim but I could of saved everyone the trouble by locking up my truck.

    Normally I would read this and think ahh I know my area's good enough I know when I should lock my doors and when not to, but now I've learned my lesson and locking the doors and taking the keys with me on every stop is what I will be doing from now on. As we give our friendly waves to each other on the road, this is just my friendly wave to everyone in this business it could happen anytime just beware.:waving:
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    Haha, honestly i would never leave the keys to my truck inside with me out mowing, but this could definitely happen to anyone
  3. PR Fect

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    Dam Shame! I hope that guy turns himself around after almost getting caught. You did not do anything wrong. People should leave stuff alone that does not belong to them. I refuse to lock everything up, and cower behind doors just to live. My keys have only been out of the ignition once or twice in the last 20 years. But you do have me thinking.
  4. TPendagast

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    id suspect someone who knows one of your employees and is aware of this habit of yours (leaving the keys in the ignition)
  5. newz7151

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    I know this OP is over a month old, but I'd hope you had the locks and ignition rekeyed by now, and also anything else that had a key on the same ring as the truck key?
  6. easy-lift guy

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    Old habits die hard if at all. No one to blame except the person that leaves their equipment and person unsecured. Thieves depend on the public to become complacent and forgetful. Since thieves are always on the look out for their next meal ticket, don't give them the satisfaction
    Never leave your keys in your vehicle Unattended. Change your driving routes when and if possible for servicing your accounts. Only use what you need to complete your job, leave everything else secured inside your trailer or cabled and secured in the back of your truck or open trailer. Teach your crews the importance of securing all equipment and leave them with the knowledge that they are personally responsible for any loss of stolen or missing equipment. Yes I know these suggestions take more time. I also know that most people will get around to it another day, if at all. Expecting my help to be responsible for care and loss of stolen equipment is to much to ask?. No problem at all, just what the thieving scum are counting on!.
    easy-lift guy
  7. zo6

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    ummmm, didnt the truck get stolen??
  8. easy-lift guy

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  9. rogerdodger

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    I feel your pain. I had parked my truck, trailer with all equip on at a store. Came out and it was gone. Luckly the store had cameras and I was right under one. The police came, reconized the theif. I got it all back. I bought a GPS and put on the mower. Now anytime I can get on my computer or Iphone and see exactly where it is. Hope I never have to use it.
  10. blk90s13

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    I am too paranoid so I lock the trailer and truck even if I park in some of my bigger properties driveway !

    Glad you got your truck back in no time.

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