Had my truck and trailer stolen today

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Myk, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Can it (the GPS) be set up to where you can place it in some kind of "park" mode where if it moves you get an instant text message or other alert to your phone?
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    More than likely they parked it in the cemetery to check for gps or other type of tracker. When my truck and trailer was found minutes later in an industrial area the state troopers told me it is real common practice. They take the truck and trailer to a near by spot either some where quiet where it can go all day with out being noticed or somewhere real busy where it will blend in. Usually they'll take anything of value they can grab real quick, money/wallet left in cab, unsecured tools and hand helps from trailer. Then They come back hours later at night or the next day, if your trailer is still there then they assume neither the truck, trailer, or equipment have any trackers on them.

    When my truck and trailer was snatched the staties sat on it for a little while after notifying me that it was found. They waiting till the guys came back that night and were able to arrest them. They told me that the real sophisticated guys will drop the trailer in one spot then park the truck somewhere else. They know that if you have gps it is more than likely only on the truck, this way they can still come get the trailer if the truck is found.

    At the time I didn't have gps, thankfully I had a piece of Rented equipment on the trailer that did though. Thought I was making the hard call to tell the entail company their mini ex was stolen when he laughed and was able to bring it right up on the computer to tell the pd where to find it. Now I have gps on all trucks, trailers, and any piece of equipment with a battery valued over 2k
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    After reading Z71's post about the theft in our area that had me paranoid. I went off messaging him about securing our garage and telling him how we got a new trained GS Shepard, and are still working to further secure our house and my man cave.

    However, here in CTX, I done caught a few of the scumbags with the old lock your good gas cans in the tool box and leave the can of diesel on the tail gate.

    Rather than just costing a thieve a few thousand dollars this year so they can go steal from someone else to pay for their car repairs, I'm throwing a shirt in the back of the truck and putting my "Backup" Windows 8 phone on the shirt, since the gas can trick showed me they like to go for the easy grab and go. Instead of costing them some money for a new motor, the phones gonna cost them a trip to jail this year.

    (Not talking about the app) But these Windows Phones have a feature to the "Find my Phone App", I can go to WindowsPhone.com, type in email, click find my phone, and I have an exact address, map, and location of where my phone is. Not only is it dead accurate and tested by myself, but I can zoom in so close, I can nearly see the bedroom the phone is in, in my own house. Not only can I push a button online and lock it, ring it (obnoxious steady noise), I can also remove all my data at the push of a button. It saves the location of the phone every 30 seconds, so if someone takes it, shuts it off for a few hours or takes the battery out, it also saves the location before they take the battery out. So rather than causing them a bunch of money this year so they can take from someone else to cover the cost, this year I'm sure I'll get a few of them off the streets with a simple call to the leo's and and a detailed map of exactly where my phone is. This season I managed to have two cans grabbed full of diesel and water, once while the gas station, and once while in a back lawn. I know there's a lot of people out there that commit theft, especially in the big city, but I feel like it's certain individuals in certain areas, and I'm not having it in mine, or at least on my dime.
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    See, I don't really get this^^^^^

    Why not just lock your stuff up and be done with it?

    Why waste so much time and effort trying "bait" people into stealing your stuff?

    Put as much time into your marketing and business plan as you do into your human mouse trap game and you might be better off for the effort....
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    I like his idea as a matter of fact I do the same thing with my phone and lap top I wedge in the seat so they can't find it on purpose. I think what he is trying to say with his deisal water mix is that the people that steals his stuff realize that it's no good so they start to leave him alone
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    Armsden, you share the same thoughts as me. In most cases the water diesel mix won't even cause serious damage unless the thief stank is bone dry when they put it in. If the guy adds 5 gal of the mix into a tank that has 10 gal of gas in it, his car will run like crap, but will be fine. Even if you do cause thousands of dollars in damage, if he's the type of guy that will steal $20 in gas, he may be the type that would be willing to steal from others to pay for the repairs. Yeah, he will learn not to steal your fuel cans, but he'll still do it to someone else, and there will always be someone else who will be willing to steal your fuel. So you'll just be teaching each thief one guy at a time, sound like you'll be going through a lot of fuel cans, and never get a benefit from it.

    As far as the phone goes, are officers so bored in your town that the department will waste resources to go after a phone? Most states won't use the retail value of the phone when charging the thief, when it goes to court they will use the value you could get on the used market. If the person brings the phone into a multi family home, they will have no clue which floor it is on. Even if it is a single family home, do you really think they will spend the time for a search warrant to search the house for a stolen, used, phone?
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    Just think... if you could somehow have a fuel can with a false bottom or some other way to hide a phone with GPS in it, you could track the devils down with that and they wouldn't even know they've got the phone with them and being tracked... Better yet, hide the phone in a mower seat somehow and leave it for bait.. Cops may not go after it for a phone, but i'd bet that a $5,000 mower would be enough to show them where it is and have them locked up.

    See.. I don't get this.. They (law enforcement) will use bait cars to catch car thieves and have even started using bait bikes to catch bicycle thieves.. WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY WILLING TO USE SOME BAIT MOWERS TO CATCH THESE BASTARDS THAT ARE OUT STEALING THE TOOLS PEOPLE ARE USING TO MAKE THEIR HONEST LIVINGS?!
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    I think the GPS idea on the mowers is an extremely good idea. The only down pit is prices of the tracking systems. They make some fairly cheap that will fit on mowers, but the very small ones to fit on handhelds are even more costly. 9 times out of 10 the thieve will take blower before the mower out of the back of the truck from my understanding. Using the back up Windows Phone is far from costly because I already own the phone, not to mention the GPS is dead accurate, checked it multiple times.

    To the one that said do you really have time for this? I'm not sure what your speaking on, because it doesn't take any time out of my day?

    As for our local leo's tracking down a cell phone. I'm sure z71 above can vouch for this. Whether it's a stolen phone, trimmer, or a car, the city we live in, our law enforcement is very tough and if it's on GPS, they're coming after you, no and's, if's our butts. I live in a city that is considered the 11th safest city in America for populations over 100,000. We don't have a lot of crime here, granted there is still a few thieves from here to there. Divide that number by the ones that specialize on stealing from us and our equipment and eliminate them, and don't have many issues.

    If it seems like a lot of work keeping an extra phone on the truck and having a gas can with some "bad gas" sitting in the bed, trust me it's not, especially when your able to sleep better because you know there's one less thieve you have to worry about. Granted a few gallons of diesel won't damage their vehicle very badly as mentioned above, but it will make it run in a manner they won't want to steal gas again. Now add some chlorine bleach with the diesel to create a chemical reaction that will cause a thieve to never want to steal again. They'll understand the meaning of karma when the chlorine bleached mixes with the organic compound of fuel, and creates a rapid oxidation (rust) through anything it touches, including corroding anything metal, rubber, or plastic.
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    We (the green industry) can't even get people to use tie downs to secure equipment to the trailer, let alone take the time to use a lock and actually secure it (think of the wasted time!!!). Unless someone starts making "high security parking blocks" or "anti-theft 2x4's" that can be screwed to the trailer deck, people will always be loosing equipment (either by theft or physics).
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    You would have to be pretty stupid to steal a landscaping truck wouldn't you???????

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