Had my truck and trailer stolen today

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Myk, Sep 16, 2013.


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    I must say to the original poster that he is one lucky guy....
    as to the rest of the posts, i like the show bait car .. the cops in my town should do a bait lawn trailer... they would have a field day ....
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    I like that idea the all new bait trailer,catching the bad guys while we make your look nice. Season premier the summer 2014
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    As a Police Officer I LOVE responding to stuff that has been stolen that has GPS. Every stolen or carjacked vehicle I respond to the first question I ask is if they left their phone in the car and does it have GPS!! I highly recommend getting some type of GPS for your equipment. I would hope every Police Dept in the country would respond to a theft of an item with GPS and immediately track it. For somne reason I haven't looked into GPS devices for my stuff but I will now. I always leave my Iphone in the truck so that might help but I would be screwed if someone took my Scag!!
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    Can they be traced even if the gps isn't on?
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    If you leave a cell phone in your truck and the GPS is off there is a chance the Officer can have the phone "pinged". Now, sometimes that can be difficult. Some carriers can be difficult also. We have an Officer who is our US Marshals liaison and he has a good relationship with most carriers. He gets things done very quickly. If the phone or device is turned completely off it can not be tracked. If you leave your phone in the truck while you're out working stick it in a spot someone may not find it right away. If the lazy ass thief has half a brain he will know to turn your phone off right away. I'm not sure about some of the devices that are specifically made for equipment thefts. The company (or you by a website) should have the ability to turn the device on!

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