Had to jump off ztr today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gmgg, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. gmgg

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    I had to bail from the ztr for the first (and hopefully last) time today. I have a customer who had their hill regraded and hydroseeded 4 weeks ago. The hill was steep but mowable before the regrading and is less steep now, so I figured mowing would be easier.

    I mowed 1/2 the hill sideways when I started to slip a bit, so I figured I'd mow the rest driving up and backing down (I know--not the best idea, but I'm lazy). I was driving up my 4th or 5th pass when the wheels started to slip a bit. Next thing I know, I'm facing downhill sliding out of control towards a bank that leads into a stream. I jumped off about 3 feet from the bank and the mower shut off and stopped 1/2 way over the bank. As I was wondering how I was going to get the mower out of there, I notice that gas is pouring from both tanks since they were full and the mower is sitting at a 45 degree angle.:hammerhead:

    Using the e-brake, I was able to ease the mower down to the edge of the stream where it was flat, and then found a less steep spot on the bank where I could drive out. The mower and I escaped unharmed.

    Now let me say that the grass was wet, but I was able to mow the established grass next to the hydroseeded area with no problem. I finished the hydroseeded area with the push mower, but fell down 5 times doing so. It was as if the hydroseed had been sprayed with oil. Anyone else have experience like this with hydroseeded grass?
  2. grassmanvt

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    No matter how its put down, newly planted grass can be very slick. I've fallen on my tail before trying to walk up a newer stand of grass.
  3. Roger

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    I agree with grassmanvt ... The newly seeded grass is very sappy and doesn't have much substance.

    We mowed an 8 ft wide path today, across the fronts of three lawns. A new water line was installed this Summer. Topsoil, fertilizer, seed and mushroom manure was put down four weeks ago today. It has a great start; weather has been perfect for reseeding. The first mowing was done last week, at an extreme height. Today, it was mowed regular height. But, both last week, and today, the clippings were so sappy, so gummy, they packed out the underside of the hand mower. The debris would hardly get through the discharge chute, into the bag. The extra moisture in the blades make it slippery and nasty to handle. In a few weeks, it will settle out as the nitrogen wears off.

    I always mow with hand mower the first few times on new growth. The big mowers are too heavy to damage the turf, and to leave ruts in the soil.
  4. MattsMowing3535

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    I dont know if newly seeded grass just starting to grow is the same. But whenever I go about to mower newly seeded grass it seems like im trying to mow a slip and slid. Its not fun, musta been scary on the Z!
  5. brucec32

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    You put a ZTR on a slope with new seedlings on it? I'd assume that would result in a lot of ripped out seedlings. Especially regraded soil, it's often pretty fluffy and soft itself.

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Jeez man i thought it was impossible to jump off of a ztr.
  7. DBL

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    you gotta be quick to open up those control arms and jump out of there

    but like you said "the mower and i escaped unharmed" thats the good part
  8. Tharrell

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    I mowed a lot of new growth turf yesterday at the first normal height setting. It was just like springtime mowing. Grass stuck to everything it touched.

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