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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by broken leg, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. broken leg

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    A customer call me today and ask me if I saw who stole his plastic compost bind. He though that I might have seen something. Now this bin was about 8 years old. His neighbor said that he say a pickup pulled up next to it the other day. This house is on the edge of a not so nice neighborhood. But I can image a crackhead going i a pawn shop with a compost bin. "JUST HAD TO POST I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING"
  2. randosh4

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    so sorry needed a fixxxxxxxxxxx
  3. JimLewis

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    It's great what people accuse you of sometimes. I had a neighbor in my old neighborhood who had a beef with me for years because we were running a business (legally) out of our home. He was always a jackazz to me. Well, finally, after a few years, he had begun to ACT nice to my face, even though he would still talk crap behind my back.

    One day, he got his P.O.S. $50 7 year old 21" mower ripped off from his back yard. So for some reason, he thinks maybe me or one of my crews took it. He starts talking smack around the neighborhood about me. Everyone would just laugh at him, saying, "You think Jim or his guy stole THAT old piece of ____?" Finally, he asked me one day about it. I told him no, of course. And explained that we wouldn't have a need for anything like that. It's just stupid. But some people just assume that if something gets ripped off that relates somewhat to the landscape that it must have been the landscaper. Pure ignorance.
  4. Rhett

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    Had an out of town customer basically accuse me of stealing her BBQ grill. She always had that I am superior and you are the lowly lawn boy attitude. Let her know my back ground and clued her into the fact that in a weekly rental area that things not secured would disappear. Gave her the non emergency number to the Sheriff department and suggested that she fill out a report and be put on the absentee owner check list. Let her know that if she is not comfortable with me on her property that this would be my last visit. Her husband called and apologized and asked me to excuse his wife as she is a BIT**!
  5. KerryB

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    Yeah Rhett I have one of those too. Her husband is always apologizing for her . lol Dont know how he lives with her.
  6. Expert Lawns

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    Sounds like that other thread where someone was accused of stealing an old lady's dog.

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