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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NMS0219, May 10, 2007.

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    I know you all have had similar conversations with customers but here is how this call went. Last week Friday we mowed this Lady's lawn which is mostly dandelions and various other weeds. She calls me today and starts complain about how the lawn looks. She says all the weeds have grown back up. I say well its been almost a week and we are due to mow it again tomorrow (Friday) and recommended (again) a weed control program. She says that she just wants mowing and does not want to spend any more money than she has to.:hammerhead: Just when I thought she was done she starts on me that we were only their 32 min. And that when her husband used to mow it it took him 2 hours. If I were to use a 21" push mower it might take me an hour. The only reason we were their 32 min is because we had to do an estimate across the street. My response to her was that we had 2 guys with 2 mowers mowing so it takes allot less time than what she is used too. I cant wait to see what she complains about tomorrow. Especially since we will only be their 20 min tops :) Sorry for the long post its just been one of those days and I had to vent Nick

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