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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Lawns, Apr 2, 2001.

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    Had you ever felt like saying? If you're JUST looking for the LOWEST bidder I can't help you. I understand that price IS on the customers mind but c'mon. My last 4 out 5 bids last Thursday where pick up by a company that bid the jobs from the seat of his truck. One of the customers said she knew he was a scrub and said he couldn't possibly do quality work for the prices he quoted but her husband wanted to go with the lower bid anyway.( she was the one that told me he bid from his truck and didn't even make an effort to go in the back behind the fence to see the backyards.) Another bid came back 2 dollars cheaper than mine and she said he looked like he needed the work more than I did.(I'm not sure but I thought looking like a sack of ____ was supposed to work against you):confused: Which brings me back to: Sir./Maam If you're JUST looking for the lowest bid than I can't help you. When you are looking for Quality work at a fair price give me a call. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how that would float?
    Just venting:rolleyes: Things are happening fast around here, gonna be a good year regardless.:)
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    Ride a bicycle to hand out your next bid!.....Maybe they will feel sorry for you! hehehehehe Oh ya dont forget to change the oil in the equipment b4 ya go over too and dont wash up!! That autta make you look pretty sad!

  3. sam c

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    Hey Southern
    Last week i met a prospective new customer(a maint. manager)to walk there(commercial)property because they asked me to bid the landscape maint. and snow and ice control. After we shook hands and introduced each other i said to him ,before i waste any of your time i want you to know that i am not the cheapest around and that my bid will likely be higher than others because my work is of the highest quality. So if you are looking for the lowest bidder i am not interested in the property and thank you for taking the time to see me.
    He then proceeded to tell me he does not mind paying as long as he is getting what he`s paying for and that XYZ landscaping was not providing that. We then took about an hour walking the sight. we`ll see if he puts his money where his mouth is. But then again it`s not his money!
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    hey southern, i run into that kinda "customer" round here as well. however, if a customer chooses another person for the maint. work because of a difference in price of only $2, then these are not the kind of customers that you/we should be soliciting business from. i know from experience that it definately happens (sometimes from the least likely potential customers), but if someone doesn't appreciate and compensate for the quality of work done, then i am positive that there are people out there that will do the work for less money for less quality. :) hopefully people will continue to appreciate (emotionally and monetarily) a job well done.
  5. Charles

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    Welcome to the world of lawncare. Your experience sounds like the norm. Its kinda rediculous for people to take bids on their yards to just save 5$ per cut but they do it all the time. Just waste our time. I dont go out of my way to do that sort of thing anymore. I ask them if they have a bunch of people coming to give bids before I go.
  6. ronslawncare

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    hey that happened to me yesterday i gave a estimate for spring cleanup and mowing a property .weekly lawn maintenance.this is going to make you gag i lost the job bye 2.00 i had to call her today she didnt even call me back like she said when she got home from work .she said im sorry u gave a very fair estimate on the spring cleanup but weve found someone cheaper for lawn service .i said ok thankyou .well we be willing to use you if you went down on your price so i ask her for curiosity sakes wut price did the other landscaper give u she said he was two dollar cheaper.i said no i dont do that my prices are final take care...that sh-t makes me mad..
  7. kutnkru

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    Let people know upfront that you are a full service contractor. If they are not looking for the One-Stp-Shop this will save you some time.

    Mow-N-Blow LCO
  8. Southern Lawns

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    I'm gonna have to work that into my first few minutes of initial meeting with the "potential". Save us a bunch of time. Of course I will feel out the situation and do it tactfully but I think it needs to be addressed. I feel that I offer exceptional quality but being new (2nd season) I didn't want to say the wrong thing. Live and learn. Will approach future bids a little differently.
    Thanks all,

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