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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by iwannamow, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. iwannamow

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    I am interested in starting a lawncare business but dont have anything! Well actually I have about 1000 bucks and a jeep cherokee...no equipment, no trailer! I was thinking the best way to start off small is advertising for some snow removal this winter (I live in Denver Colorado) then trying to rent some equipment in the spring and summer to get going. PLEASE HELP!!! What should I do first and how should I get customers? And how do I find out all how to do what every season (like areating in the spring, then fertilizing and then mowing) I am VERY interested in doing this but I just need some advise on how to do it....Oh do you guys make pretty good money doing it?
  2. byronky

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    i started learning by working for someone else....but when i got started on my own i was forced to figure things out and research...got my first customers through friends than did door hanging for the first three years now everything comes in word of mouth....as for the money i am no bill gates..hahah

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Put the money in the bank and get a job. Build the cash up to about 5K. You will go broke renting stuff for day to day operations.
    Buy some books on lawncare and read read read.
    Use the search button above.
    Buy commercial equipment if you can, even if it is used.
    Start part time with a few accounts and keep the job.
    Grow slow.
  4. iwannamow

    iwannamow LawnSite Member
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    hahah thanks for the honesty pm...but I am recieving unemployment for being laid off and have some "free down time" for having to work. I think I will just save that money and try to use what Ive saved. What do you guys think about getting a small business loan? Also I just order a packet from this William Feller guy at mowing for money.com not sure if hes reputable but I am desperate. Anyone know about him?
  5. Shane7258

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    Here you go a Hivac Craftsman from sears in the used sec 250, echo sr125 250, echo edger res model 250, handheld blower 150 = 900 and some change, a cherokee can load all of it in there you go. Will you look professional no... does it work yes bottom line a good cut. You will wear the craftsman out in 2 months take it back and get your money back then go get a snapper 21" commercial will last a while. Then you will want a trailer than a ZTR I would say a Walker would be the best for most of your professional sites It vacumes great... Remember that it is more expensive than you think. You might and I say moight be able to handle 4 a day 3 is more like it am for 40 or more a piece
  6. burroughslawnservice

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    William Feller's product is a joke. You'll see pictures that haven't been updated since the 80's. I felt like a sucker after reviewing the entire package. I got my money back. I'm embarrassed to admit I even purchased it.
  7. Jay Ray

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    I agree with Shane on the snapper 21, even if it is a consumer model, good machine, but a Craftsmen can get you going. Consider one of those steel mesh platforms that go in the receiver hitch to carry the 21. Stick the rest in the Cherokee.

    I got a green Weedeater trimmer that's been on the rack all season for a backup. The Stihl started running erratically a couple weeks ago, grabbed the Weedeater and it started right up. Was pleased with the job it did. I do put a little Stabil in my gas all season long or it would likely not have started.

    I saw a grown man mowing on a bicycle a month ago. He had what looked like a horse racing seat modifed into a cart hooked behind the bike with a 21, trimmer, and blower. I admire the man, that takes guts. Momma said use what you got.
  8. topsites

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    This is solid advice from guys grossing 30K + / year while working maybe 9 months out of the 12... I strongly second this recommendation to keep saving because you will NEED the money-saving skill in order to survive in business.
    The best way to learn the money-saving skill is to save money, and more is better. 5k is good for starters, 10k is recommended and 20k is optimal, but I did it with 5k myself but you need at least this much.
    Far as buying books, that would save you time but you can learn everything you need to know right here. Spending 1,000 hours learning would be a good investment of your time while you save aforementioned money.
  9. bntt68

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    Just remember when you file your taxes and claim your earnings for the lawncare, the umemployment office will be breathing down your back for thier refund. Its called double dipping.
  10. olderthandirt

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    So you want advise on how to rip off the employment office and you want to do it cheaply? :dizzy: :dizzy: Line forms behind me for the good advise

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