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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Buck_wheat, Oct 29, 2010.


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    It takes too long for that white flex pipe to bond well. I personally prefer my PVC to flex changeover to be by thdxbarb. I've had many a repair on that 1/2" black poly being glued into PVC as well. I avoided both in my own use.

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    Seen many a Buckner br nz with the different threads forced threaded onto rain birds as well. When richdel came out with that popup that took the toro thd I've found them with that top 1" part removed and a rain bird nozzle put on.
  3. Wet_Boots

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    Got any good barbed insert fittings for the sch 40 flex PVC?

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    Never ran into it. I have glued that stuff before when nothing was immediately available. Not something I planned on dealing with very often.
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    I wouldn't mind some extra expense, if it gives me a solid mechanical connection, and allows the flex PVC to be a reliable pump suction line. Gluing flex pipe for a suction line is not best practice, sez me.
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    sorry W_B, i have used sched. 40 flex for suction on the majority of the pools that i have plumbed without incidence. i used the proper glue and primers for pvc, abs to pvc and pvc to flex. i have a more than a few of them in the ground without issue.

    dissimilar materials can be welded without issue if the right materials and techniques are used
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    My supplier marketed a black gluable poly years ago, took special glue. I thought (stupidly, in retrospect) it would save the trouble of 45ing over/under pipes and roots. Wrong, fittings blew, on a Sunday, no less. :hammerhead:
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    Here is a good one. Spray head in a patio.

    planter spray.jpg

    Spray in patio.jpg
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    Looks like this cobra connector didn't hold up too well.
    The whole outer casing was completely gone. Don't know if it dissolved or what happened to it.


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    Don't you know what that is, it's actually an ingenious way to lower the temperature of the patio to make it more comfortable on hod days.

    In all seriousness, we actually did something similar for a client who had about 3k feet of patio. They wanted a way to to quickly spray water on it because it got to hot for the kids to walk on barefoot. Did a zone of sprays along the perimeter with a manual valve. Now had I put the heads mid patio like in this picture i probably could have used half the heads.

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