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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Buck_wheat, Oct 29, 2010.

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    One time we ran out of toro stream rotors so I used a 1/2 female to 3/4 male hose fitting screwed into a melnor fan sprinkler. It was a bit wobbly on the orbit riser so I braced it up with a piece of rebar and electrical tape. I used old thermostat wire that I took out of a old hotel that was being torn down and wired up all the champion valves I could get my hands on from my neighbor Jose who owns a professional irrigation company. Then I used a malibu landscape lighting transformer to turn on all the zones at once, the pressure was a wee bit low so I had to cap off a few of the flush champion heads. I hand dug everything and at one point I had to go over a block wall which was 6 feet tall because I the footing was too deep. For the backyard irrigation system I have hose timers wired up to Ray Padula oscillating fan sprinklers that walmart was throwing out because it was a bad-batch with garden hoses buried. Believe it or not, the entire system only cost me $10 and works like a charm! Please give me a round of applause for my ingenuity and creative designing. :rolleyes::dizzy:
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    That's Hot!
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    It sure seems that way. A friend of the person I fixed that system for had a leaky pump shaft seal, so i rebuilt it for him. After installing it we tested the pump. There was a sudden loss of pressure but no leaks at the pump. a quick walk around found water coming out of brick pavers. The line was just under the bricks and the pipe had been hit with an edger it seems.While trying to repair the pipe the nearest joint pulled loose. Must be some kind of disappearing glue.
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    i agree with kiril and it is hard not too.

    i have been repairing one large commmercial job for one to two leaks per year since it was brand new. i think that is about 10 years now or so. every leak has been due to a glue fitting not being glued and only primered. somehow it has been holding together but little by little it is falling apart.

    it has never been an easy repair as this was a trenched job with all the pipes and wires running on top of each other. always fun!
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    less talk, more pictures!!!
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    Ok I'll Post Somthing.

    See who can spot the Rainbird RC series controller. I had to do a ride by on this one, couldnt be obvious and get out of the truck.

    this is in rocky mount, nc and im not naming any names.

  7. Some Sprinkler Guy

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    Why not just put it right next to the front door so they dont even have to walk to it.
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    That's classic... How much is that house with the distinctive Rainbird RC controller on it? It IS a status symbol isn't it?
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    I was asked to quote a new HOA yesterday and was inspecting the site with the HOA management company. As is my normal habit I opened VB's as I walked the site. When I saw this box next to the controller I thought it was going to be a master valve or something. I was pleasantly surprised to see it being used as a junction box. I should leave the lid off for migrating birds.

    Accidentally got a boot shot in there too.

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    Argos - I see that quite often. Big jumbo cluster-eff. No rhyme or reason to the madness.

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