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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Buck_wheat, Oct 29, 2010.

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    This would make a great book. "Confessions of a failed Irrigation installer"
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    That is so bad zman. That has my vote for the most painful to observe. the rain sensor is like "At this point we suck so bad so who gives a rats azz where you put it. Just get it done."
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    On commercial jobs, it's traditional to have the Principal and the L.A. do a walk-through. In this case, it was prolly spec'd, but no one had a clue where it went. :hammerhead:
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    I have no idea what that is. weird.
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    THere was a contractor here at one time(not in business anymore:) ) that routinely used home cheapo parts such as orbit and toro. not only is that bad(although they do work technically) but he would use the 2in pop ups for turf!!! why here in the midwest where our pipes are deaper and our grass is cut taller would you use those OR EVEN sell them here.

    guy was a total ******, totaly incorrect designs, improper heads and placement and cheap parts. he was a lowballer and i had a conversation with him about a year before he went under about his isntalls. he blamed my mowing for broken heads on lots of properties he installed systems. i told him how it was and he got pretty mad! i told him if you installed sprinklers deep enough and not on ridgid risers to boot, the heads could not be mowed over and damaged when you mow at 4" like we do!

    what a ****** he was, but he was in and out of business in 5 years. was a landscaper too, and way over designed spaces that now are complete jungles.
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    I LOVE those walk-throughs. LA usually has no clue about irrigation, asks lots of questions about why we did what we did. Principal just wants to get back in building and go to work.

    If LA is really hard to deal with I'll wait for him to get out in middle of rotor zone and kick off session by remote. Love to watch suits run!
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    We leave em at 45,s.
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    Not sure why I can't get homeowners to figure that out. I give them basic quick draining instructions, and I tell them to leave the handles at 45 degrees, slanted, cockeyed. Yet they still turn them 90 degrees, crack the damn BV, and then say it's my fault. Ummmm..... Mr So-and-So, that right there is 90 degrees, not 45 degrees.

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    i guess a pre-made tag to strap on real quick would be a pia. Unless it has your Company name on it which may lead to more work.
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    And who really wants that, right? :rolleyes:

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