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    there is a lady in FC who has a knock out BCFLW testing business. One of the few companies I thought about buying to get back in the biz. Didn't think about it long because I realized I was a bad fit in FC.

    Anyway she uses tags and they look impressive. Puts them under the cap nut.
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    Any backflow that I have seen that has been tested, has had a tag on them. But that is only about 5 in the last 5 years. I used to put a tag on the shut off handles, so at least the H/O or tenant would know which handle to turn off in case of a freeze. But I got away from it.

    I get tired of hand holding for all the customers. So many act like they are completely clueless and can't tie their own shoes.
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    One RP that was "tested" earlier this year, was definitely rubber stamped. It is either a 1.5" or 2" on a commercial property I now maintain (2010 was the first year). The incoming BV on the RP was replaced at some point in time. There is no testcock on that incoming BV for them to test it. I quickly informed the HOA director that it was not testable.
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    We tag the water shut offs inside the residence with a premade laminated tag. We also tag by there or by the controller with another tag for where the RPZ is, who has the RPZ over the winter (in place, with owner, with us) and what years we have serviced the site.

    We tag the front of the controller also with another sticker with our name, website and phone number on it for people to call for service. Its like the garage door guys, name is everywhere.

    For our backflow testing (we have another company do it because we can't... Stupid Illinois), they do a plastic sleeve that they slide the form into so a copy stays with the device at all times (as required).
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    I just found this thread I should have a ton of these on my computer at work
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    I just put a " for service call " sticker on em , like I do the clocks.
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    here's mine for today schedule 20? supposed to be 40 pipe when i dug it it was suppose to be 4 ft down it was closer to 7 ft we finally just reached a point of dig until i see a white snake in the bucket it was in the bid to be encased in sand and it was 8 inches of space between the pipes they just threw it in the hole and burred it. It was going to a hose bib that stays on year round the contractor got black listed by the county today i just hate filling out the forms.

    and i took the trench box out so i could dig some more just fyi

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    Punctuation goes a long way, Grasshopper. :)

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    wow that is a long sentence

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