Hall of hacks & pikers Photo's please.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Buck_wheat, Oct 29, 2010.

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    jimmy hoffa's buried in a motor home?
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    I never come across inspectors here in Sydney, but during our strict water restrictions there were heaps of "Water Restrictions officers" - mainly obese middle aged men who would drive around fining people $220 if they were caught using sprinklers, or watering at the wrong time. Two of them rocked up at one of my clients at 2am with a torch when the system was running and found a shrubbler under a Rose that was slightly trickling instead of dripping. They came back at 8am to fine her. She protested and explained how she had spent a lot of money converting it from sprinklers to drip and how she also had a rain sensor installed. I met with the officers later that day and one of them pointed to a shrub head on a 1/2" sch 80 riser and asked if it was the rain sensor.:hammerhead:

    His partner facepalmed while I gave him a spray about not even knowing what a sprinkler was or what a rain sensor looked like.
    I had a few dramas with the clowns over the years and would have loved to bury a few of them.
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    No inspectors here and licisenses are a new concept. I actually wasnt even called to fix this, the entrance monument had 3 broken pipes that no one knew what happened on. Of couse I found it interesting that there was a brand new marketing sign 3' from where the shattered pr200 pipes were. And of course I didnt have ANY 3/4" pr200 on the truck, to be honest i didnt know it existed. I'm more of a 1.25" sch40 man myself. Oddly enough did you know that 3/4" pr200 is more $ than 1"????
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    Here's an interesting conglomeration that I had to repair the other day. Notice the caulk that the HO put on there to try to stop the leak.



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    It's been so dry out here that the squirrels are chewing through the drip tubing and even nozzles/shrub adapters to try to get some water.


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    I had heard that any kind of poly was asking for it in desert climates....
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    i think one of Boots' understudies has migrated east.



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    I have photos of a couple double-deckers like that. Will post later.
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    Sorry, no "before" pic!


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