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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BAMARED, Oct 21, 2002.


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    Hello guys,

    I'm not sure if this idea has ever been brought up here or not but I thought that I would share an idea that worked well for me last year and will continue it this year: On Halloween night, my family and I "treat or treat" some of my customers. (Only the young-uns were dressed up.) The customers seemed to really appreciate it and it gave a chance to meet your family and all. It's good to see and chit-chat with your customers, especially when you're not "on the clock."

    Just another marketing idea that's fun to do.

  2. walker-talker

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    Sounds like an excellent idea to strengthen public relations...way to go!!!

  3. Gravely_Man

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    That is a wonderful idea. Get with the customer and you are off the clock. Trick or treating is the perfect time to just drop by as everyone else already is. This lets the customer know you care and that you are a family man. Both of which are wins for you.

  4. nova385

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    Put fliers in the kids trick-or-treat bag. Parents look at the kids candy to make sure it is not tampered with and get the fliers.

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    I supplied hayride trailer for hometown church. stressed safety, had parents involved. We went to about 10 homes of members of the church. Good customer relations!!!!!
  6. Darb

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    I don't like Halloween alot but that sure seems like a great idea. You will be certain your children will be safe, spend time with your family, and strengthen your business at the same time.
  7. KenGreenPro

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    At first i was going to suggest that you put your flyer in the kids trick or treat bag with a Snickers or someting rolled up in it and the a rubber band wrapped around that..so its shaped like a tube..then i started thinking about possible lawsuits etc etc....what do you guys think? sounds a little over the top?

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  8. walker-talker

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    Personally speaking, I would not feel right soliciting my business on halloween, unless the candy wrapper itself had something printed on it, but I don't see that happening.

  9. greenman

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    Most kids trick or treat in the neighborhood that they live in right? Putting cards or flyers in their bag(s) may be a good idea, but more than likely it will be your neighbors. Your neighbors probably already know about you and your business. Then again, some people may not want to do work on their street or in their immediate neighborhod.
  10. Guido

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    I'm not sure about this one guys....... I think its a little tacky myself. Thats kind of a low blow as far as marketing your company goes.

    If I were to cash in on this holiday, it would be by driving a tractor for a hayride, sponsering a haunted house, etc.

    Just my opinion though!

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