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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by GreenLight, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Wondering what the consensus is on standard BAB lamp of choice. Im pretty much to the point where I am tired of installing 5000 hour bulbs. I would rather install the 10K bulbs or better and pay a bit more and pass it on to the customer. Ushio is pretty much the market trend down here, but before I start paying more for their better bulbs, I was wondering if anyone has experience with these and other manus that you might recommend more.
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    No need to switch lamps at all. Ensure that your voltage at ALL lamps are between 10.8 Volts and 11.2 Volts. You will notice a huge difference in life span.
  3. GreenLight

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    That's pretty common knowledge. I am just looking for longer life from the bulbs in general and the 10K bulb would seem to provide a longer layover period if it's reputable.
  4. David Gretzmier

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    I find that a 4-5000 hour bulb works well for us because of yearly maintenance. about half our install customers have us come back each year and change bulbs, grease the socket, clean the lense, re-aim, trim back bushes blocking , and clean bugs and cobwebs out of the trans and check timer.

    even though we volt from 10.5-11.5- we probably still change a few bulbs at each property we do every few months. but some never seem to need bulbs, some more. we fully switched from 4000 halogen to 10,000 hour xenon bi-pin bulbs last year, and it seemed to eliminate bulb changes on paths, washers and pucks. but you get a bit less lumens, and the color is a bit whiter, probably 3300-3500k, but costwise it was not a big deal.

    what I have found with the 10,000 hour plus mr-16's is more of an amber color, probably 2300-2500k, quite a bit less lumens, and a pins that rot in the sockets after 3 years. you still need to pull the bulbs and grease yearly. most homeowners that do thier own maintenance won't do that, but they will replace the bulb when it burns out. I have honestly seen many ushios burn out way before the posted bulb life. I understand the bell curve method of bulb hour life, but I see less 1st year burnout from my normal 4-5000 hour mr-16's. and costwise it tends to be a doubling or triple in cost to go to a 10-18000 hour bulb life. given the color, lumen, pin rotting, and premature burnout issue, we are happy with the current bulbs.

    This usually leads to the LED retrofit discussion, but that's another thread.

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