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  1. Mini man

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    I curently run a Cat H-63 hammer ( 500 ftlbs ) on my Cat 303.5.
    I am trading for the Cat 303.5C CR which is about 1000 lb heavier machine.
    I want to deal hammers as well but my salesman says that the hammer replacement would be a new model H-55D hammer the same foot lbs but 1/3 less tool weight.
    I am a little concerned that the replacement hammer will not be as effective because of its smaller size. ( although they say it is the same foot lbs.)
    What do you guys run for hammers on your 4.5 ton machines?
    I look at different sites and see 750 foot lb hammers at the same physical weight....confussed!
    :canadaflag: :confused:
  2. ksss

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    An effort was made several years ago to standardize the testing of hammers because of this problem. It really didn't catch on. The weight of a hammer is about as revelent as comparing weights of excavators. There are other factors which are more important. I would look at hits per minute in conjunction with impact energy, flow required, and complexity of design. I have a 750 pound Okada. I had a 500 pound Stanley/Bobcat before that. Both are good hammers but there are better. The Kent hammer I think is one of the best also one of the most expensive. I have been meaning to have a bracket made to put the Okada on my excavator but I have yet to do that. The majority of breaking we do with a skid steer. I also have 1,500 pound hammer that I put on my 95XT. It requires high flow and shakes the machine quite badly and I don't use it much.
  3. Mini man

    Mini man LawnSite Member
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    In your opinion what should I do?...Go with the lighter hammer with the same foot lbs?
  4. nac

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    I run a 900lb hammer on my PC-45 its Atlas Corpco
  5. ksss

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    Unless your hammer is do to retire, I doubt I would be for replacing it. The CR will handle the hammer just fine. I don't think that the lighter hammer will gain you any advantage enough to justify the replacement costs. Again, unless your looking to replace it anyway. If your are replacing it then it might be something to look at. There are some very innovative hammers on the market.

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