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    My wife and I put some landscape timbers in a hexagon shape and we're planning to put a hammock in the middle of the area. I'm wondering what you would put down in this area. We don't know if we should put some type of rock down. Its under a tree in our backyard so it needs to be something that will be easy to get leaves out of in the fall. Any suggestions what you would put down on top of the ground? We are putting two pressure treated 4x4x8 posts in the ground 2 ft to hand it on. Just trying to figure out what we should put down instead of just leaving it grass. Already sprayed roundup
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    I would lay some plastic, then probably mulch, it will be a little softer than gravel in a couple years when the ropes dry rot and you fall out.:laugh:
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    Personally I'd skip the plastic though. Just use a good, twice shredded hardwood mulch. If there is a lot of foot traffic, then the plastic will become a mess in my eyes.

    It will compress and stay in place better than most bagged mulches and I actually like it better for safety over certified playground mulch.
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    way to early for round up to work
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    its really personal preference but i would go with something like a 1/2'' pea gravel it will be a little more comfortable on the feet than the bigger cuts of stone but it usually cleans pretty easy most of my landscaping in my yard is the pea gravel and you can usually blow the leaves off without taking the rocks with it.
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    Not sure about ground cover, but you might want to use 6x6's instead. I hung a hammoc on 4x4's and you could watch them flex and hear them creak and pop. IMO.
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