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Hampton Inn and Suites


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I am trying to bid my 1st commercial job and don't know how much to bid it for. It is the size of just a regular hotel with the trimming and edging and lawn mowing. Any ballpark figures would help.



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most of the time they want someone to do EVERYTHING.....

all the plants, if they have tropical plants on the inside you will have to fert them and wash the leaves and such....

ya can get in over your head very quick on Bids like this......


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I work on the chemical side of things but locally I do all the Ameri Tel's Hampton Inn's, Anniverary Inn, had Springhill Suites(til they changed managment) and few large apartment complexs. Bid it according to what you would charge by the acre and add a little on top for movement of price if you need too. You'll be suprised what they will pay for quality work. Their name is on the line. You can also sub out the chemical side to make things look even better. Doing extras go a long way....bed maintiance, round up parking lot, u know stuff like that. Take the manager out to lunch or golfing, build a personal reputation....even if you dont get the job keep in touch.....u never know what can happen in the future or who they know. I've gotten a lot of large work that way.


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Hate to say it but it depends on who owns it.
I think what he is trying to say is some hotel owners are hard to get your money out of and they can be a PITA customer


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In our area they range from $300 - $600 per month. Usually irrigation checks are included, bush trimming, fertilize,. Flowers are extra but they want a per flat price, irrigation a price/hr, and mulch a price per bag.